100k Home Based Small Business Idea 2010

by J.Crawford on November 18, 2009

In this post I’m talking about home business ideas that can earn 100k plus in 2010.  More specifically turnkey product driven business opportunities in the direct sales and work from home industries.  You’ve likely seen them advertised on the web from time to time in the last year. So what are some options for earning 100 thousand dollars with a home based small business idea in 2010?

When ever I see people claiming to earn 40k or 50k in a month or even over 100k I’ve learned what that means. I’d say nine times in ten its a top level affiliate marketer launching a product with the help of 50 to 100 affiliates.  While the income does come pouring in during a rather short period of time, there has been a ton of work done prior.

Some of the work includes:

  • Building a subscriber list in excess of 100k subscribers.
  • Having a highly trafficked website with a following.
  • Knowing how to get targeted traffic fast via natural search, social media and paid search traffic.
  • Having a budget set aside to make the paid traffic happen.
  • Having systems in place to deliver product, pay affiliates and accept money themselves.
  • Having a network of affiliates to turn to at product launch.
  • Having a great product that has been tested and is ready to roll out.

Now lets assume your not relating to the above… Or lets assume your not a top level affiliate marketer and the likelihood of you launching your own product this year to earn 100k plus from your home office is next to nill.

Are there any home based business ideas in 2010 YOU can use to earn 100k or more?

It happens, probably more often than you may realize, but its not the norm and lets look at why.

The first thing people miss and its pretty simple, is potential.  Not all business ideas you can start in 2010 even have the potential to earn the average person 10k let alone bring in 100k. I think it comes down to increasing your odds.  If you take  minute and look at the resources you have available and then find a business model you can operate from home that has the potential to earn 100k, then you may have a fighting chance.

For instance, if your a network marketer with a solid team and several thousand marketers who will follow you into a new opportunity, then you could probably join a $50 dollar mlm and make some serious cash. My list ain’t long and mlm sucks so I’m gonna pass on that as it would likely be a waste of my time. How about you?

Affiliate marketing is on the table for me.  Earning the one hundred thousand dollar income level is probably not, unless I developed my own product with a strong back end, in other words I would need more than one product, and creating these products would cost more than I’m looking to invest in 2010. So I keep affiliate marketing as a stream of income, I may not earn 10k this year with affiliate marketing, but so what. It gives me a source of content and when I see good affiliate products I’ll give them a whirl, what the hell, right?

I earn steady and consistent income selling ad spots on CreateLiberty.com and a few other sites in my small network, I’ll continue that into 2010 and ad revenue in 2010 is a good business model for me. Its proven, in my case, there is no overhead, its scalable, and I have a few ideas to expand ad revenue. By the way if your marketing  business opportunity or generating leads, check out our advertising page.  This site is becoming more and more popular, its becoming an authority in the home based business arena and it a great site to use to generate leads.

The next home based small business idea for 2010 that a person can use to earn 100k is a turnkey direct sales model business.  They are inexpensive to start, they don’t require a ton of experience, a subscriber list, or even a website in many cases.  They are literally built with the person who has none of the above in mind.  Successful people who are willing to do the work, follow simple suggestions, and be consistent often have significant first year success in excess of 100k

I’m looking at a couple business opportunities like this right now for home business to start in 2010. If your in the same boat and are looking to earn extra cash in 2010, get a hold of me. Visit the “Successful Home Business” page  on this site and send your interest.

I’m working on a market with a group of guys right now and will wrap up around Christmas. I’ll have some time then for several months and throughout the summer. If your serious about earning a solid income without spending 40 hours plus per week for the rest of your life, fill out the form and we will get in touch.

If the prospect of working with a few other people who can add value to the journey and help you earn money faster appeals to you, go fill out the form.

Its a weird economy, LOTS of opportunity when we are in times such as these, people are looking, new stuff is coming out all the time.

Isn’t it fun.

Another thing about direct sales business opportunities, the good ones anyway, is that you get paid first, your not waiting for company to send you a check at the end of the month. I like that. I’m used to that. 

Generating leads is another item on any good direct sales entrepreneurs mind. Good opportunities help you get the the lead generation job done, they won’t do it for you, but they can help.

Well hey, I’m off to look at business models to earn 100k in 2010, why don’t we look at a few together? Go fill out the form and start a Successful Home Business Opportunity for 2010.

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