2008-2009 Highest Profit Direct Sales Opportunity Online Today.

by J.Crawford on October 5, 2008

The single month income record was set in September 2008, $181,000 Dollar in One Month, that is 181k and get this, there was a TIE!

Turns out it was a tie, which has never happened since I’ve been involve with this high income direct sales opportunity. One was an Australian the other I’m not sure haven’t met them yet.

Getting the highest income  in a direct sales opportunity is difficult, I’m not saying these figures are the month to month norms as far as profits go. The top ten income earners each usually fall in the 11k to 30k range. That will come out to about a 44k to 120k monthly income. We find it is usually a different group of ten each week.

A Seven Figure Income With a Home Business Using Direct Sales?

The seven figure mark (per year) has to my knowledge only been achieved twice in the last eight years.  It looks like this year will be number three as there are a handful of direct sales associate who market these high end product that are above 750k and its only the beginning of October. The year end is, you guessed it, the last day of September for our tracking.

What does it take to earn 250k and up in direct sales?

The top earners say it takes persistence and being consistent. The trick to to putting up the high monthly incomes it to use the systems that are in place.  Without the systems it is impossible to achieve these high income goals. So much time is leveraged with the systems, we don’t have to explain the products, the opportunity, anything really. We just sort through people and find the ones who are serious about making a drastic change in their lives financially and through self growth and personal development.

What is a High Profit Direct Sales Opportunity?

With litterally thousands of direct sales opportunities on the Internet today it is important to remember we are only looking for those who are looking for us. People who want to earn 250k in the next 12 months. That sounds like a slim group at first, but think of all the changes our economy is going through and the people who are looking to replace a high six figure income.

If your a sales pro or looking to start a high profit home business with low start up (under 5k) and low overhead…(under 200 month fixed expenses) Get in touch and we will show you a simple system people are using in the US, AU and the UK to earn solid incomes and create a great lifestyle. It is a great opportunity in direct sales.

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