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by J.Crawford on December 11, 2008

Christmas Gifts For Bosses, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Share a Story?

A Quick Story, a Tip, and the Opportunity Giving a Well Thought Out Gift Really Is.

What is a good Christmas gift for a boss, or businesses owner this year. 2008has been a unique year, not so much in a cheer, candy cane way either. Buying gifts online is going to be more popular than ever, if you buy your boss a Christmas gift online and have it delivered directly, you might want to order it at home…Finding that you purchased the gift online while you were on the payroll might not set well for some bosses… while this tip probably won’t save any jobs, buying a Christmas gift for your boss might. I remember laying off a guy last because everyday I carried a leather briefcase bag that he bought me for Christmas. I just felt too freaking guilty. Lay offs suck anyway, In that business, December was always when most of our employees would get laid off due to the weather.  By the way, he did not intend that when he bought the gift, I can assure you… If he had I’d of axed the sucker first! baa! Humbug!  If your a business owner, you should have an easy time of selecting a gift for other entrepreneurs. I always had a favorite pen, a favorite book or scratch pad, maybe even a wall hanging that was a reminder of something I believe in… those types of things are rare to receive as a boss, or business owner, buy those types of gifts if your going to bother.  You know, gift giving can be genuine way to show a person you value their relationship. But in business relationships, it kinda sucks. Don’t buy a gift because you want to “butter people” up. Don’t buy manipulative Christmas gifts for business owners, or professional friends, it’s so schmuckish. Maybe a handwritten note. Be sincere.  Sending gifts or card to people personally instead of just the company is also a way to reinforce the importance of the friendships that have blossomed from the seed of a business deal. Christmas is a good time to be human in a sometimes mechanical world… Take advantage of the opportunity….

Do you have any funny Christmas gift stories that happened in business or at work… Or any instances where giving a gift of some kind changed your business or a relationship?

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