5 Home Based Business Ideas For Beginners in 2012- Best Business Ideas Under $100 Bucks

by J.Crawford on October 23, 2011

Here are my top 5 home based business ideas for a beginner in 2012. The are the best business ideas online to start and be earning a significant recurring income within 60 to ninety days, from my own experience.  I’ll be including some resources to help you get started in the right direction and earning money as quickly as possible.  I’ll also talk briefly about each of the business ideas and how the can all work together so by the end of 2012 you can actually have a viable business earning a full time income. I’m not promising you’ll be the next six figure online guru but if you willing to work hard you can build a business that generates a few thousand dollars every month.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t see some changes in their lifestyle with an extra 3 or 4 thousand dollars each month.

All 5 of these home business ideas require the use of the Internet. I’m only focusing on online business ideas in this article.  If you need advice or just a third party perspective on a more traditional business start-up I’d love to help.   I’ve started several businesses in several different niches, both online and off, and enjoy helping to provide insight.  If your interested in me looking at your business or start-up idea visit the small business consulting page.

Choosing the best business to start when your a beginner can be difficult. You’ll be waying things like start up costs, risk, return, and time commitment. I wrote a popular article earlier in the year about evaluating the best business to start as a beginner.  If your looking to start a business in 2012 and want some solid tips on picking the best business to start read that article titled: The Best Business to Start for a Beginner.

Let’s get started!

Home Based Business Idea #1

Start a Blog that makes money.

Regardless of your past experience with building a website or making money with one, starting a blog that makes money is a profitable way to start a home based business in 2012. And, in my opinion, is the first step to building a profitable small business online.  There are hundreds of ways to start a website or blog, many of the best are free or cost very little, expense is not a barrier to creating a profitable business you can operate from home. I wrote an article on how to start a money making blog and also have a resource there to get started earning money fast.

Home Based Business Idea #2

Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply put, making money selling someone else’s products.  Making money with affiliate marketing is a smart business idea for  a beginner and it will tie in nicely with starting a blog that makes money.  There are thousands of online entrepreneurs whose sole income is from affiliate marketing and thousands more who got started through affiliate marketing and went on to build online empires that have earned millions.  Affiliate marketing has to be a component of any successful home based business idea in 2012. I created a page about affiliate marketing earlier this year. If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing read that article.

Home Based Business Idea #3

Ways to make money now.

Making money now, or making money at will is an important part of any business.  Maybe you have a service you could offer other people.  A service that you get paid for.  I wouldn’t advise starting a purely service oriented business on the Internet (because passive is better) but having something you can do today and get paid for today is a nice option for a beginner.  Many of the best business ideas I’ve found online don’t earn money immediately, they take time to build.  Once they are up and earning they are quite passive and the income will continue to build if your willing to work hard.  Cash flow is important to any business and ways to make money now will help you with initial cash flow. You’ve probably heard of getting paid to take surveys and it’s one example of how to make money now even if you have no experience on the Internet. There are some legit sites that help you earn money taking surveys and save you a TON of time.  I wrote and article on the best paid surveys and how to earn money.

Home Based Business Ideas #4

Home Based Franchise Ideas.

If you have experience as an entrepreneur in the brick and mortar business world but you want to start another business from home, then starting a home based franchise business may be right for you.  Home based franchise ideas have a wide range industries, from consulting to pet grooming.  I don’t have a particular franchise idea to recommend, but I’d encourage you to choose a franchise that you have genuine interest in you feel comfortable with. Here is an article wrote about evaluating franchise ideas.

Home Based Business Idea #5

Network Marketing Opportunities.

Network marketing opportunities or directs sales opportunities are also a very popular home based start up right now and will be one of the most popular home business start ups in 2012.  That said, they aren’t for everyone.  It seems everyone and their brother has tried a network marketing opportunity.  Maybe you have too.  The key to success in a network marketing or direct sales business opportunity is treat it like a real business.  That was always hard for me and I’ve never really found an opportunity that felt motivated about.  I do know several people who do very well with these opportunities and they all incorporate their opportunity into their website that also earns money.  When you start a blog that makes money you will also have a great way to connect with others who are looking for good ways to make money from home and they may find interest in you network marketing opportunity. I’ve written several article on network marketing opportunities and how to avoid scams.  Here is an article on finding the best network marketing opportunities.

These are 5 of the best home based business ideas I’ve found to be sustainable.  There are many more that may work better for you.  The are some of the best business ideas you can start for under $100, except for maybe the franchise opportunity.  That could come later.  Starting a home business in 2012 is a great way to diversify your income and make you less dependent on your job or another business.  I recommend starting a home based business in your spare time, it is a great way to hedge risk and make it more stress free start up.  Starting an online business in 2012 is a great way for  a beginner to get started as an entrepreneur. I believe there there is literally endless opportunity online and wish you the best in your entrepreneurial ideas in 2012.

I’ve been online for several years now and find it amazing that the best business ideas for 2011 are very similar to the ones in 2012.  The niches change but the fact remains more and more people are accepting the Internet as part of their daily realities and this creates a huge opportunity for people like you.


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