A Smart Internet Business Idea For Solopreneurs

by J.Crawford on October 27, 2009

How’s business? Could it be better?

I came across a Internet business idea the other day, one that both makes sense and is appropriate for a broad scope of individuals. Its not a new idea, in fact its a business idea that was spawned by the World Wide Web years ago. People have been capitalizing on this business  idea more and more each year, maybe you can to.  In fact this business is unique in that it realistically allows people to quit their job with just 5 customers, get that!

Its a real business though, not a passive, automated cash cow like this blog (hehe)  you’d have customers just like every other real business in your town. In fact you’d likely be working with small business owners.

Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton put it all together for you in bite size pieces so you can turn the business into profits quickly and if you already do some SEO or SEM work you’ll be able to earn more.



Have you ever placed google AdWords?  Do you have a blog?  Do you understand the basics of SEO?  Its likely you have the skills or could acquire them quickly in order to start a search engine marketing company.  Now before you say, nope, not for me, give it some thought.

I’ve spent some coin with G ad words. I know how it works.  While I’m no expert, I could help local small business owners drive immediate paid traffic to their small business website. 

SEM and SEO is one of the highest demand home based business ideas on the Internet today.  You don’t have to have some big company to start a business doing SEM. A few clients would pay well every month to have you take care of their online marketing.  You could piece meal things like web design, graphics, and other components you may not have the expertise in. Think about it.

I’m including a link that takes you to a fully set up program for starting a SEM business on the Internet.  Go check it out  this guy has some great material that can take the guess work out of starting a your own Internet business in the SEO and SEM industry.

Let us know what you think!

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