A Website To Help Small Business Owners? Entrepreneurs… Help?

by J.Crawford on October 27, 2008

I was thinking back earlier today about my stubbornness as a  human being and an entrepreneur. Stubbornness can be an asset to a small business entrepreneur, and also a liability. I suppose that is true with most things. I came across some unconventional motivation from a woman in Vancouver, BC at a time when I really needed it. She changed my life, and my business in a 5 minute conversation.

Helping Entrepreneurs.

It’s funny I decided to start a website to help small business entrepreneurs, knowing full well how stubborn they can be and how unwilling an entrepreneur can be about asking for help.  I guess my little niche, or they way around the dead set ways of an entrepreneur is to assist small business owners in developing a business that more suits there desires in life.

Success as a Small Business Owner.

Being the “biggest” or the “best” is gratifying for a time for many people, I know it was for me.  I learned, and maybe you have too, that winning is best defined if you name the game. And winning isn’t the game. Helping small business owners who are ready to build a life of integrity and freedom by intentionally creating the situation they most desire in life is an idea that gets me out of bed with a great attitude each day.

An Entrepreneur Getting Help With Their Business.

I remember once, I was about 29 or 30 years old, I had just won a contract on a large project at the University, and I needed funds.  I had been working with the “E-Myth” by Micheal Gerber for around two years at the time and was really catching on.  I got a phone call on a Wednesday from a consultant with E-Myth and told her about my predicament.

I mentioned that I needed about a quarter of a million dollars to get this job off the ground. She asked if I had a plan before I submitted a bid. I let her in on the fact that I didn’t and she kinda put it in this context.

Well, Mr. Big Britches, if this is the way your going to approach your business then I guess you’ve got some money to come up with.  When do you need the money? And who are the first three people your going to talk to in order to get it?

I had never collected any capital before. I needed it quickly and banks were of the option list. Long story short, I got the money and everything went well. My point in the story is the conversation I was able to have with Beverley, the consultant.  She really inspired me to decide where to go first, figure out how to get there second. Learn the pattern and implement plans in the future, I liked the concept and I think she knew me enough to know it was the only one that would work.

I was a sole proprietor and wanted to celebrate the fact that we won the contract…. But as she pointed out, the work needed to start now. I had never made a list of people to talk to about loaning capital. I got the idea from her and really I was inspired by her, go do it, right now…  Response to my situation.

Small Business Owners Can Help Other Small Business Owners Best.

I enjoy sharing stories like this one and better still I like talking with small business owners and listening to the stories, the turning points, and the discoveries, that are made along the path of building a successful business.  Small business owners are a great group of people with an inspiring perspective of the world and life.  I look forward to this website continuing to become a top resource to help small business owner, and more specifically, entrepreneurs looking to make a change.

We would love to here you small business stories, wins, loses, and close calls.  If you have been in business for long you’ve likely bet the farm on one occasion or another, tell us about it!!

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A Website To Help Small Business Owners? Entrepreneurs… Help?
October 27, 2008 at 6:38 am


Dan October 27, 2008 at 7:13 am

Great article.

If you would like a tool to manage your small business activities and Projects, you can use this web aplication:


You can use it to manage and prioritize your Goals (for business but also in other areas of your life), Projects and Tasks. It has a Checklists section, for the routines and repetitive activities that any business has to do. Also, it features a Schedules section and a Calendar, for scheduling you time and activities.

Some features from GTD are also present, like Contexts and Next Actions.

And it’s available on the mobile phone too, so you can access it from anywhere.

admin October 27, 2008 at 12:51 am

We appreciate any feedback on this story, and would also love to hear your stories. If you want, share it here, or you could email it and we can do a post about it! Thanks for all the feed back!!

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