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Ever heard of affiliate marketing?  Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last 5 years I’m sure you have.  Affiliate marketing is amoung the most popular ways to earn an income in the Internet and probably responsible for more full time Internet entrepreneurs that any other business model.   If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing it’s easy to find a great affiliate marketing coaching program for the person who has yet to have their first $1,000 month online. I’ve been earning online since 2005 and I’ve seen the information and coaching products in this niche evolve into some of the most effective learning tools available. Seriously, when I first got into the Internet business world and was first learning about affiliate marketing, coaching products and information products were a complete joke.  The were basically e-books filled with information you could find on your own for free in one afternoon surfing the Internet.

Like most things that are last affiliate marketing has evolved and affiliate marketers have found unique ways to innovate.  The largest and most popular companies off line and online have also since developed their own affiliate programs and this has aided the growth of affiliate marketing as an industry.  Companies like eHarmony, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other top brand stores all have robust affiliate marketing program and in 2006 affiliate marketers earned over $6.5 Billion in bounty.

Changes in Affiliate Marketing for 2012

If you’ve been at affiliate marketing for a while, you’ve no doubt noticed the changes in the last 18 months or so and you’ve also probably discovered some of the top earning affiliate marketers are making a lion share of their cash with physical products. I have systematically avoided physical products in the past because it just seemed like more work (no idea why I thought that) and I was more than comfortable with digital products and affiliate marketing ideas related to lead generation.

When you look at ways to make money online you will predominately run into the business opportunity business model.  Affiliate marketing is not a “done for you opportunity” it is a method of earning that you can turn into a real and sustainable business.  There are several successful affiliate marketing coaches who have created tutorials on how to build  a profitable affiliate marketing Internet business. These membership websites are complete and geared with the affiliate markeing beginner in mind and the best programs don’t cost much either.  They will simply show you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scatch.  It teached the exact business model I’ve used myself for the last 5 years.  I’ve built a consistent recurring full time income online over the past few years and I recommend this business model as the best way to make money from home.

I was online for over two years before I decided to learn about affiliate marketing for what ever reason it just didn’t seem like a viable income stream to me for a couple of reasons. First off I was pretty cynical and couldn’t fathom buying a “program” or even a product on the Internet. Affiliate marketing seemed pointless, my how things change!  Actually at that time I had never purchased anything online and falsely assumed that other people didn’t either, at least not on a large scale. Well…. as you probably know I was dead wrong. Affiliate marketing came front and center one day when I heard a static on how many Billions of dollars are spent on the Internet, all of a sudden making money with affiliate marketing became a very viable idea.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply put, marketing or promoting someone else’s products and getting paid a commission for it.  On the Internet, successful affiliate marketing is done primarily by:

  1. Creating a website in a certain niche that has products you can promote.
  2. Writing articles that pertain to a topic with products then linking to your affiliate page or website.
  3. Buying advertising (AdWords or face-book) and sending paid traffic to your affiliate page.

There are other forms of affiliate marketing also that have to do with lead generation. In this case you get paid per lead instead of when a product is purchased.

How to make money with affiliate marketing.

The way I learned to make money with affiliate marketing is by offering products on websites that I build and own and I just did my own thing for the first 18 months and I did’t work very hard at it.  I had a hard time believing it would work because I had never bought any type of program or anything online myself so I couldn’t get why other people would.  I was wrong (thankfully) and I’ve since bought several products and software that have improved my Internet business and make me more money.  If your new online but have a few websites and are getting some traffic you can make money with affiliate marketing.  The key to increasing earnings is to increase traffic that is targeted to the products you are promoting.  Lets  say you have a website about Pets.  You might promote a product on your site by writing about dog training then posting a link to a dog training guide.  There are several sites to find tons of affiliate products you can promote, I’ll write more on finding the best affiliate products to promote for any niche you might be in.


Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners.

If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing I recommend you read a post I wrote on affiliate marketing coaching it shares some of the reasons Internet business coaching will greatly increase your income, let you earn much faster, and build a sustainable long term business that becomes more and more pasissive as you do the work.  And remeber it does take real work and the results were really slow for me at first.  Around 2008 after being online for nearly 2 years I started actively learning from others who were making more money and that made a huge difference to my Internet business. Since 2008 I’ve earned a significant recurring income every month online (between $3,000 and $6,00o dollars per month) and affiliate marketing has made up around 35% of that income over the last 3 years.

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