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by J.Crawford on September 18, 2008

What are Affirmations?

Check out a cool Affirmation tool that actually automates your affirmations…DAILY!  If you like the idea of “set it and forget it”, check out how personal development and technology combine to offer a truly fascinating end result.

For anyone who is unclear about affirmations, they are intentional bits of self talk to assist in creating change in your experience of life.  Affirmation exercises are very common, especially among people who find their predominate love language to be ” words of affirmation“. There are spiritual affirmations,life affirmations, success affirmations,healing affirmations, positive affirmations, and list goes on.

The book by Micheal Losier, “The law of attraction” talks about affirmations and how to create personal affirmation statements that work. I recommend the book. It is a very practical book that gives you concrete ways to implement that law of attraction intentionally.

Personal development exercises.

Personal development exercises need to be done on a consistent basis.  This is where most people run into the first problem.  The lack of focus and self discipline is at the root of all unwanted “junk” we have in our lives.  If any personal development exercise is going to work for you, your going to have to make yourself a priority and be consistent with them. Pick the exercise that is most important to you and concentrate only on that one exercise for at least 35 days. Positive self talk takes time to heal, change or create the self improvement your looking for. Ready for a growth challenge.

Affirmations can be created in a short amount of time. Learn how to create affirmations correctly.  Affirmation exercises are unique in that you can do them any time during your busy day.  You can do them out load or silently.  I came across a unique system ( Sculptor 3 )that allows you to create your affirmations once, then, with the help of simple software, the affirmation program will email you and do other automated things to increase the effectiveness of your affirmations.

Affirmations can be tedious, That’s why people have difficulty. It is key to create a habit, and effortless way of being that encompasses affirmations and positive self talk. What if you could Set it and Forgetit?  Well now you can.  Click on the image to the right and introduce yourself to “Sculptor 3“, one of the few products online that truly adds value and automates your daily affirmations! Go and SEE!

Effective affirmations.

Effective affirmations need to have a couple key ingredients.

  1. They have to be believable to you.
  2. They have to be easily repeated. Best if the affirmation is memorized.
  3. The affirmation needs to have a feeling attached to it. A good feeling.
  4. The affirmation has to be specific.
  5. The affirmation must focus on what you want.

How to write affirmations that work.

Most people get hung up on what they don’t want.  Micheal Losier introduce the ” clarity through contrast” method in his book.  It works like this.  I can’t stand always being late for appointments. ( what you don’t want).


I’m excited about being in the process of always being on time. I feel good just thinking about it. I walk in with a smile when I’m on time. I love it when I’m on time and feeling ahead of the game.

What if you could create a movie with your personal “best life” playing before you? An personal affirmation “Movie”? Well now you can… Go get 6 FREE “Mind Movies Today!”


If your a bit undisciplined, like myself at times, try automation your affirmations. Try this for a month or two, you will be surprised at the results.


admin January 26, 2011 at 6:32 pm

Thanks Kurt,

I appreciate your tips too! Affirmations tend to happen whether we are aware of them or not. Affirmation exercises DO work better with some awareness and definately a positive state of mind would go a long way to. Thanks for visiting.


Kurt Schmitt January 24, 2011 at 9:55 am

Great tips! Another exercise you can add in, which I find helps a lot, is to ask yourself better questions. When you repeat your affirmation and get yourself into that positive frame of mind, simply ask… “how can I make this experience the best it can be, and enjoy myself in the process?” This will set your brain up to answer that question.
Kurt Schmitt´s last blog post ..Quotes On Action And Inaction

admin April 15, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Thanks for the Insight Ben, good stuf. I’ll check out your site.

Ben Tien April 4, 2010 at 9:25 pm

Great article. If I may add, affirmation is a statement of an idea you desire to “make firm”, to impress upon your subconscious mind, so that eventually it begins to work for you automatically.

Another purpose of writing affirmations is that they allow you to become aware of any conflicting beliefs hiding in your subconscious mind, so that you can transform them at the same time.

Your self-talk has an enormous impact on your conscious and subconscious minds. By repeating positive affirmations you can reprogram your thought patterns. Creating new thought patterns will allow you to begin to change your underlying beliefs and the way that you think and feel about yourself, others, and your place in the world. In this way.
.-= Ben Tien´s last blog ..5 Rules to Increase Your Optimism via NLP Reframe =-.

Janelle September 23, 2008 at 11:56 am

This is a great article on affirmations. The key ingredients to creating effecitves affirmations are very helpful. I’ve been implementing an exercise where I have a new affirmation everyday. One that pertains to my day. When I first started doing this I was getting really stressed out about what affirmation to use. I wanted the affirmation to be perfect. I wanted it to include specifically everything that I was changing in my life. Then I left go of that idea of the perfect all inclusive affirmation and decided to pick one that was powerful for me. That created the feeling I wanted to manifest in my life. The affirmation that I choose the other day was, “Today I am simply in the flow”. Here’s the idea guys that may not mean anything to you. But it powerful to me. Your affirmaiton needs to be powerful for you only. The only way to change your life is one step at a time. I hope this helps someone out.

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