Affordable Lead Generation: Best Way to Get Leads…

by J.Crawford on August 6, 2008

Affordable Lead Generation.

Affordable lead generation is almost an oxymoron for most people looking to attract customers onlineBuilding keyword lists, creating adwords accounts, writing adds, articles and reviews, does it ever stop? Does this sound like you?  Sometimes it can see a bit mundane, but then there are results. I mean think about it, where else can you create something once and two years down the road recieve a sale from the information.

I like passive. Or at least investment mentality.  If I can do something that will be effective for a time to come in the future its going to be in my tool bag.  Cheap lead generation online is becoming more and more difficult.  With adwords it can get crazy, you can spend your way right back to a job if your not careful.  I’ve only been online a couple years and was fortunate enough to come in contact with a few folks who got me pointed in the right direction. Learn more about generating your own home based business leads and saving yourself a ton of money while doing it!

Search Engine Traffic: Another way to generate leads cost effectively.

Getting traffic from natual search is what I focus on and have sense the beginning. Even the best small business ideas will require hard work so I like to let people know that if you stick with it you dramatically increase your profitability. Most people quit. You don’t have to. 95% of the game is showing up. I will say if your going to committ to search you need to be doing some article market. Article marketing is free but it can be very time consumming. If your going to take the time to write a quality article, and you should, then why just submit it to one or two directories?? I did that for almost a year. Foolish. Get an article submitter and save hours and hours and get traffic way faster. That is what the competition was doing so that is what I did. Try this  article submitter. Come back and tell us how much time you save.

Learning Search Engine Optimization has helped me to generate quality leads online for a home business I operate in the personal developmentindustry.  Is SEO cheap?  Depends how you look at it.  If you like to write, publish, optimize and repeat, then yeah it’s cheap and it’s fun too. There are many seo programs, software, and experts.  The only program I’ve found useful and the only seo expert who, in my opinion really delivers is Brad Callen, If your in it for the long haul and know buying leads really stinks,

Oh, Brad Callen’s search engine optimization program Is a must have. It is an affordable seo tool that really works, its what the veterans use and it is simple for someone just learning about seo…  Brad has one of the best free newsletters I have yet to see on seo. Make sure you get that with the all in one seo toolAffordable lead generation comes down to using techniques that make sense long term.

In the beginning I found myself hoping for traffic. That was miserable. I remember when I got my very first visit. It was a keyword like “interview with stuart licht.. Something like that. It was a title to a video! But it came free from google and it was awesome. I remember hitting one thousand and counting how many a day average I needed to hit 1000 visitors. You gotta have the right info and tools to get that info and turn it into results. Here is a free SEO course courtesy of google.  I Generate leads with google, most of my lead generation is focused on google search.

Lets here some stories about your experience generating traffic, leads, or headaches!

How to Get more Traffic Online. An Affordable Route.

It is really pretty simple, you know, what options you have for lead generation online.  It comes down to ROI and what your product or service sells for, what the profit margin is and what back end product or service you can provide.  Then its all about traffic, target people who are looking for exactly what your offering.  Natural Search is my choice and I learned it on my own my reading from seo experts and using a simple way to get more traffic.

Lead Generation Tip of The Day.

Here is a tip:// Get on board with high end products!  Conversions are pretty consistant across many industries, so if your only converting say 3% of visitors to sales anyway, why not get paid for it? Sell high ticket products or services. You will have more options to generate leads or traffic, or what ever you refer to it as in your market.

The key to affordable seo is the word “affordable”.  That means you can afford it.  Don’t do things you can afford to do, regardless of how bad you want to or how good it sounds.  Succeeding online is a process just like anything else.  Throwing money at online marketing is silly.  Develop an understanding, stand out from the crowd and go from there.

I was introduced to a simple system to generate leads immediately for my home business,  it is actually pretty simle.  I was given free ads that were proven to work in newspaper, internet and magazines and got free training also as to which papers to use and which to stay away from. Generating leads from newspaper and other print media is tough, and time consumming. If you ask me. I did not really give it a fair shake though. Just dabbled.

Ok, it’s time to share good ways to generate leads online.

I like Search engine optimization as an affordable way to generate the best home business leads. While I use several methods, Seo is my favorite lead generation technique…  What are some ideas you have found to be successful?  Your comments, as always are appreciated, tell us what you think.  Got questions?

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Joe Crawford August 18, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Right on paul… I use my google adwords account mainly for the purpose of optimizing the word people already use to find me with. I don’t think that technique is a secret.. it does work. I like your angle on pay-per-click — Natural search cross.
Thank you paul.

Paul Williams August 8, 2008 at 6:07 pm


I agree with the use of search engine optimization to generate leads. The use of pay-per-click data can be useful. Lets not throw it away. For example, if you ran a campaign for Toronto Contractors and received 5000 searches per month. You might find that some keywords, for example, “Toronto aluminum roofs” received 25 clicks. You could build a specific page for that low competition page using the keywords in the page title, description and keywords. This would provide you with competitive advantage on unique phrases and therefore a high chance of realizing ROI.

Goleads August 7, 2008 at 3:35 am

“A friend of mine referred me to GoLeads and I’ve got to say I’ve had a great response rate on the data I get from them. I won’t hesitate to recommended GoLeads to friends and associates who need accurate and affordable sales leads and mailing lists.”

M.SelvaKumar August 7, 2008 at 3:28 am

TeleReach Corporate has been in business for 11 years. We are a Business to Business Telephone Marketing Company, specializing in Appointment Setting & Lead Generation. Over the course of the years we have ordered list from many companies, but the list that we have ordered from Go Leads has been outstanding. We have had great success with the list provided. The companies phone numbers and contact information has been accurate. Our business depends on good list for our callers to contact, and Go Leads has provided excellent service. Their representatives are helpful and very accommodating.

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