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by J.Crawford on October 3, 2008

Is getting on the first page of google search results something that would benefit your company in the next 60 to 90 days?

If you’ve already answered yes, then why aren’t you on the first page? What have you done thus far.

Assuming your an owner, the person responsible for business development, or someone who can benefit by putting your website where it will give your company results, what has been your most difficult obstacle?

Michigan Small Business Websites That Should Be on First Page Google.

I’m not an overly persuasive person, I like to relay facts, and if they make sense then you can make a choice. Did you know, 67% of all purchases over $300 are researched online BEFORE the person makes a purchase decision.

Here is the question: Does your company offer a product or service that cost over $300?

If your answer is yes to that question then your site should be on page one google!

If you want pricing, just ask. If you would like us to contact you we will!

No, I don’t work for google, google works for me. I concentrate on the google search engine for one reason only…Results!

Oh, By the way, I have a disgusting about of seo/sem information I can send you in bite size chunks if your in the mood to do your optimizing yourself. Just ask in the little box up there?

Primarily I use this site to connect with people who are looking to start a business from home. Generating leads or people who are interested in the business and products is a key part of the business.  Affordable lead generation techniques are getting more and more difficult as reaching a captivated and targeted audience continues to become more difficult.

As an example of what seo is all about, I wanted to rank well for affordable lead generation, or affordable leads online. So I just put together an seo friendly post that I thought would attract some traffic. Go ahead and google “affordable leads online”, Probably I’m on number one or two, definitely on the first page of google.

Why does google have the results your after?  Well if your selling a product or service that cost over 300 dollars then google is the only search engine you should even think about.  People go to google when they are researching a purchase. Over %80 of online searches happen on google. Is there an affordable seo solution that can help you get and stay on the first page of google?  There may be… We can’t help everyone, but we know how to find out if we can!

What Search Engine Optimization can Do For Your Michigan Business.

Search engine optimization and search engine marketingcan double, even triple sales for some businesses.  Seo can greatly reduce the cost of acquiring new customers to zero eventually. Your website can pre-sell your clients and customers. Your website should sort through tire-kickers and allow you to only spend your time with the best, most targeted customers.  Your website can build trust, add value, and deliver a connecting point to your customers. Your website can do a lot of things, IF the right people see it.  Think about the businesses on main street in your home town.  The ones that get traffic, you know the ones… $1800 to $5,000 dollar a month leases, those ones.

Seo Can Help Your Michigan Small Business!

What if I told you you could be on the main street of every home town across the nation? Would you be interested? Remember its about the right people. You only need to put your business in front of the people who are right, specifically right, for your business.

The right people are the people who are looking for what you offer.  We will show you how to attract those people to your website and get them contacting you to purchase your product or service.

Search engine marketing, Seo-search engine optimization, and other online marketing strategies are what put your website on the first page of google search engine results. There are thousands of free resources online, and probably in your spam folder of your email account about search engine optimization. I’m not here to teach you how to do something your not interested in learning.  I deliver a solution. Teach you how to operate that solution and then am available if you need assistance.  If you want to become an seo technician then go for it, here is a free seo course from google.  I don’t believe it would be a wasted investment of a business owners time… If you want a up to date powerful solution that is easy to operate and produces RESULTS fast,, Get in touch…

Affordable Seo Expert In Michigan.

Through SEO I can develop quickly and professionally an online solution for your small business in Michigan. I’m building a portfolio of small business clients and only interested in small businesses in Michigan. If your a small to medium size company and would like to implement a search engine optimization solution let us know. For  a free consultation with an affordable search engine optimization company in Michigan get in touch.

Low Cost Search Engine Optimization For Michigan Businesses.

Create Liberty Enterprises is all about helping small business entrepreneurs.  Create Liberty is about assisting entrepreneurs in achieving more freedom in business and in life.  We have a story to tell, just like you.  Contact us today to learn how we can move your site to an address on first page google.

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