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by J.Crawford on October 2, 2008

Need help enjoying a small business you once loved? We can help you transition yoursmall business into a multiple revenue source online business.  A separate entity with no employees, equipment, no workers compensation, etc. I said we can help. It will take a time commitment. One hour a day…

How we help you transition to a more information age business model.

Small business owners everywhere, I’ve learned are looking for ways to capitalize on a tool that has the ability to automate, presell, and inform their potential customers how and what to buy.  That tool is of course the Internet. More specifically the search engines that have the power to connect you with your target customer, automatically!  The major transition, though, happens to the entrepreneur instead of the business owner is what we find.

What we do is provide a comprehensive analysis on the goals of the entrepreneur, the current circumstances surrounding the small business in question, and the viability of the Internet and surrounding applications being a real solution.

For me the transition was two fold. (this is my experience)  There were two questions that really made me realize it was time to take a look at the tack I was on. The first was “What the hell am I doing” the second was “Why”? I won’t get into my story too awful much here but the ideas is, I was lost.  Seems I had my head down working, working, working for so long that it was automatic.  And man were we growing. Doubling, Tripling,… everything that is, not only gross sales, satisfied clients, successful projects, but also cost of production, payroll expenses, workers compensation, and stress, stress, stress.

Not knowing where to turn, who to ask or what to ask, for that matter, I retreated.  I immediatley retreated to a place of last known sanity. and began to evaluate what happened and why.  Over the next couple years I heard similar stories and met countless people living in the place they retreated too, still touched by what they had saw.

Standing in a multi million dollar revenue stream does something to a person.  More than anything in changes “What is Possible”.

An affordable small business website that works.

Small business owners looking to trasition into a more information age business model can be save a ton of grief by asking questions, any questions, sooner rather than later.  Find an affordable small business web solution that delivers the results you want, its not a painting, looks are secondary.

How to increase free time as an entrepreneur.

Having an online presence is key in the small business world today for more reasons than one. The one reason that should matter most to an entrepreneur though, is options.  Most small business owners I’ve met, love options, they love freedom and the power to choose.  Are you looking to dramatically increase your free time as an entrepreneur?  Developing an online presence adds value to existing customers now and allows you the freedom to hand select the perfect customer in the near future. Saves a bit of time not dealing with people who have no business in your shop in the first place.

Best advice on getting a small business website.

Buying an affordable small business website is buying a business and small business owners don’t understand this by and large. They get on the phone and tell a web designer what they want in a website, WRONG! They wind up with a beautiful marketing brochure that they likely already pass out to uninterested people who accept it because that is the right thing to do.  They get the business cards reprinted with the new www. there is no reason to ever visit this website, ever, and you never will . com. 

So What, right?

Affordable small business websites.

Are really small businesses. This is key. A Business without employees or monthly bills! No electric,equipment,insurance, not even a cash register to buy!

A small business website is a business. Whether or not you treat it that way is up to you. If your looking to transition your business and your life as an entrepreneur a website will be the fastest, safest, most lucrative way you have ever seen to do that, that is legal. When and only when it is done Right!

What do you mean?

  • A web site that gets first page number one rankings.
  • A web site that maintains it ranking automatically.
  • A web site that sorts and sifts through customers for you.
  • A web site that delivers inquiries to one place.
  • A web site that delivers sales, money, and peace of mind.
  • A web site that adds value to the market place.

How can a website really help my small business?

For more information on a website that works…That is not another business expense leaving you will more of the same stress, head ache and unfulfilled expectaion, Get in touch.  And we can talk about a possible solution, depending on your business your goals, and your entrepreneurial spirit.

If your going to give it your time and attention, make it give you what you want. Period.

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