Are Quality Network Marketing Opportunites Available?

by J.Crawford on November 5, 2008

This is a short post intended to help you decern the best network marketing opportunity to get involved with and how to evaluate quality network marketing opportunities.  Not all opportunities are created equal and I attempt to shed some light on major differences.

Best Network Marketing Opportunity…

What’s it Look Like?

The network marketing industry is said to create more millionaires than any other industry. Who said it? Not sure… But that’s the word on the street. Not being the analytical type, I’m gonna ask you to roll with it. Quality network marketing opportunities should have few common characteristics.

Evaluating a Network Marketing Opportunity.

  • How many years has the main company been in business.
  • How do you feel about the specific people or person who have exposed you to the opportunity?
  • Is the business international or considering going international?
  • What is the market, how is the market looking for the next 5-10 years?
  • Are the products shipped for you? Do you need to be “hands on” with the delivery process?
  • What is the bottom line with the compensation plan?

These are a few of the points to consider when evaluating a network marketing opportunity. I recommend a network marketing opportunity that has been in business for 4-5 years. While a new network marketing opportunity may work out great, I think its a safer bet to consider some longevity.

The people who will be helping you are important to the success you can expect to have in a quality network marketing income opportunity. What’s you gut say? Listen to your gut… Not your conditioned thinking but you “looking to make a change” gut feeling.  The opportunities are endless, from christian online business ideas to dating affiliates.

A network marketing opportunity that is international or about to go international is also an important factor when evaluating an opportunity. International network marketing companies have made it through the shake out years and they will be here for some time to come. The network marketing industry has been riddled over the years with shady individuals who are just in it for a quick buck. These companies usually don’t go international. Look for vision in a good network marketing opportunity.

The market that the network marketing company operates in is important. What does the market look like. I know it’s hard to tell much about a market your not familiar with, but do your best. You want to be involved in a market that is growing.

Now the practical side of the network marketing opportunity, how does product Z get from point A to point B?  A good network marketing company will have an automated delivery process that doesn’t require you to get involved, which is cool. It really depends on you. What your willing to do, and what you want your day to look like. The network marketing industry attracts a lot of leaders who like to work with people and develop a strong team. These people don’t want anything to do with the logistics business.

And finally, the compensation plan. MLM companies are famous for super duper, double binary, six legg, money puking, hybrid compensation plan.  If you can get a clear picture on the compensation plan…. well, lets put it this way, if you got a job offer, would you take it if you couldn’t get a strait answer on the rate of pay?  Having a clear understanding of the game your playing you’ll likely find your success will come quicker.

So in closing, I’d say quality network marketing opportunities are available today. You need to choose an opportunity that resonates with you. Have a genuine interest in the product or service your going to be promoting.

I operate a lucrative home business that could be considered a network marketing opportunity.  While the business model is a direct sales business model, where one sale pays one person, we do use a network to market our products, service, and opportunity. If you’d like to evaluate that business fill out the contact form on this website. Click on the “Successful Home Business” page or click that blue text back there.

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Eldon Beard November 5, 2008 at 5:48 am

You said: MLM companies are famous for super duper, double binary, six leg, money puking, hybrid compensation plan.

This is funny, and very true! Truth is, you can make money with almost any decent compensation plan. The real concern should be the products, stability of the company, and the training/support you’ll receive. Who cares how great the pay plan is if the products are junk and the company is here today and gone tomorrow?

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