Being at Cause in Your Life: A Simple Path to Peace.

by J.Crawford on November 18, 2008

What is being at cause?

Its the opposite of being of effect.

Many psychologist insist that to the extent a person is at cause in their life is the extent by which they experience peace.

What’s that mean?

Well, one way to look at it, is to think of your life right now. How much is you reacting and how much is you creating. Are you “managing a Life” or creating and living a life of intentional experiences.

Are you a victim of outside forces acting upon you or are you a force acting on outside consequences to create an experience you desire?

Being in control of your life is a fine balance, when your looking to live in a healthy and fulfilled way.

You don’t have the power to control certain things, most things, really, right?

What we do have control over are our thoughts, our attitudes, and the responses we choose. Responses to situations, people, circumstances, and events. Think about it.

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