Best 3 Online Small Business Ideas for 2012

by J.Crawford on March 2, 2012

Online Business Ideas for 2012

2012 Online Biz Ideas

2012 rolling by with spring just around the corner here in Michigan.  I’ve been working on my online presence for some organic farming that I do and haven’t posted in a while.  I wanted to take some time this afternoon to share what I think are the best online small business ideas for 2012.  These are easy to start business ideas that most people could do without spending a bunch of cash on start up capital.  These online business ideas, you’ll notice, are connected to some of the largest trends and retailers online and most include having a website or blog.  Getting a small business website is probably easier today than coming up with web site ideas to make money fast which is probably the opposite of the reality 5 or 6 years ago.

Two of these online business ideas also use the affiliate marketing business model basically because it’s one of the easiest ways for a beginner to make money outside offering a Internet related service to a local community.  In order to do that you have to have specialized knowledge though and not everyone does.  What everyone does have is interests, hobbies, and specific knowledge and using the Internet you can share that with other people who want it and are willing to pay for it.  Probably the best way to do that is to create your own products you can sell on you web site, that is probably the most profitable web site idea, but again there are some technical challenges that sway many to not take action.  Affiliate marketing is easy and is now set up for people who don’t have any knowledge of the technical sense.  Amazon is  a great example of an affiliate program that easy to use and pay’s pretty good. It’s more of a program for physical affiliate products and they are by far the leader in that niche.

Online Business Idea For Beginners

A great way to learn step by step how to make money with Amazon fast for a beginner is this program.  It’s cheap, detailed and easy to understand.  I’d say this is the top online small business program for a beginner looking to make money using the Internet, maybe you have a blogger blog set up or are starting to learn word press, but you have yet to earn more than $500 or so per month. He has put a video up on the front page of his site that explains what he does and shows you how he provides the tutorials step by step.  People make a lot of money with this method, I use it my self on two sites. It does take some time so be realistic.

Step By Step Method Of Earning More Online

Another good online business idea that uses affiliate marketing as the economic engine but offers more is what Anik has been doing for years.  He’s an ex-googler (google employee) and he continues to stay at the cutting edge of earning online.  The bonus with Anik is that is one of the most productive or even prolific online marketers and has created a ton of top rated online programs from traffic generation to conversion and gives away past program for free when  you become a student.  Another program to shorten the learning curve and earn money way faster than you ever could on your own that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.  His stuff is actionable too, it isn’ theory or ideas, it’s “do this, then do this” step by step.  If you have yet to really get a consistent income going online but have made some money month to month check out Anik and see what he has to say.

A Full Fledged Sustainable Online Business

The third online business idea for 2012 that I wanted to share is the one that almost exactly teaches my business model with encompasses niche sites, private advertising, Adsense, affiliate marketing, and even service style business.  If your serious about creating a full time income online of 10k per month and up long term this is where you will end up, I say that based on my own experience.  If you’ve already drank the kool aid and know the Internet offers something unmatched this has go to be the Best way to get there.  This program teaches how to do it all with Word Press too.  It will show beginners how to get started with wordpress too but I feel it’s more geared to those of us who have been working at developing a real online business for a year or more.  If you currently have a Word Press site or a small network of sites you should really check out what these guys have done with the concept of Plug Ins, it’s pretty sweet.

Obviously these online small business ideas are non-service based for the most part and I write about those mostly, that said there are several great service type businesses you can do too like web design, Search Optimization, marketing help and more.  There are many small businesses who either don’t have a small business website or they don’t get any traffic or sales from the one they do have.  There are some businesses that will pay well for help in that area.


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