“The best place to advertise a home based business opportunity”

 Over the last 6 Years this has become one of the best places to advertise a business opportunity primarily because over 95% of our vistors come from the U.S. Canada and arrive at the site using search terms directly related to business opportunities, home based businesses, working from home, making money online and more. also has a good twitter following and a FaceBook presence that helps to expose your business opportunity as well. Below I’ve listed more on what makes this site one of the top places to advertise a business opportunity or entrepreneur related product or service.

{All Private advertising inquiries can be sent to  and I will respond promptly, business listings can be purchased directly from the link below and will appear on our business opportunities page within a few minutes or hours.}

Options One: Sponsor a Post on

Summer Special on Sponsored Posts: 50% OFF !! Pay only $25.00 USD— Write the post and email it to me at I will publish and send you payment info. We accept PayPal for sponsored posts. (max. 2 links per post)
Sponsoring a post on CreateLiberty.Com is a great way to promote your business opportunity to over 60k visitors a month here on the site and also expose your opportunity or business idea to our FaceBook fans and Thousands of Twitter followers. You can also place a maximum of two links in the post that will help your site in the search engines for sure….. It works like this:

1.) Pay for the sponsored post Below via the Pay pal button.  You have the option of being the ONLY full post on the home page for up to a WEEK. The cost for a sponsored post starts at $50.00 one time and the  post will be woven into the site and stay on the site for LIFE, pretty cool huh?

2.)Write an article about your business opportunity, make sure to include a link you your landing page or website (max two links) 

3.) THEN email the article to (that’s me) WITH  “SPONSORED POST” in the subject.

Sponsored Post Options


Option 2: List Your Business On the Business Opportunities Page

This is another cost effective option for getting the word out about your business opportunity.” The “Business Opportunities” Page gets direct traffic from the search engines and gets alot of traffic from vistors that are on the site as it is in the Navigation menue at the top of every page under the heading Business Opportunities.  And as you may have guessed, people going to that page are actively looking for business opportunities to start.

Buy the advertisment  you require  THEN  email (  your opportunity info as shown below. Listings start at $45 (Save when purchasing multiple months!) If you want to dedicate the entire page to your business opportunity I’m open to doing that. The cost to sponsor the entire page for one month would be around $600.00 USD. Note: this will take at least a month to do, probably more, email me directly at to reserve that option.

Discounts for Multiple Mnths

Listing Title: Your headline, make it stand out.

Description: This is your shot to communicate why a person should give your opportunity a look.

Destination Url: The url of the destination your vistor will land on. (double check)

Banner Advertising On

If you are interested in banner advertising which is very popular on this site and across the network, we accomodate just about any banner size and type except for flash. Here is a sample breakdown of costs for banner advertising:

Paying for Banner Advertising: I accept payment through paypal for banner advertising and ask that you forward the location of your banner or send a sample banner to me via email. I’ll upload it to the site and forward you my pay pal email once it is live.

Header Banner (typ. 728X90) – On everypage at the very top (can’t miss it) The cost for the header banner is $600 Per month. This is an exculsive placement there are no rotations it’s all yours and you’ll get between 60k and 90k pageviews.

Left Column Big Block (typ. 300X250) – On everypage at the very top of the Left column, this is commonly refferred to as the “HOT” spot. Again this is an exclusive banner, no rotations, you own the spot.  The cost for the Big Block is $400 per month.

Right Column Sky Scraper (typ. 160X600) This is below the fold on the right side and has very little eye competion to person reading the full post on the home page. The price for the right column sky scraper is $300 Per month.

Under Post Title (typ. 468X60) This banner is under every title of every post on the entire site including the one on the Homepage. This is an excluvise banner and you can buy the spot for $300 Per month.

After Post Banner (typ. 468X60) I call this the “Clean Up” banner and it works great for a couple reasons. First off, an engaged reader has just finished reading the post and they are looking for what to do next. The After post banner has a good click through rate and because it doesn’t compete with other advertisements I offer it at a great rate of $200 Per month.

Site Sponsor  (run of site) This option buys ’em all! If you want to be the Site Sponsor for You’ll get all the banner spots mentioned above and 4 sponsored post over a one month period. You’ll dominate the site and put yourself in front of EVERY vistor and pageview of the entire site every day of the month. The cost for the site Sponsorship is $1,500 for one month and $2500 for two months.

If you have other advertising ideas I’d be more than happy to entertain them, you can email me personally at ( name is Joe Crawford and I’ll be handling your advertising needs. I get around 300 emails a day from my websites, you MUST put ADVERTISING in the subject line or it won’t get opened! As a last resort you may call 989-284-8251 if you require assistance.Go ahead and take advantage of these highly effective opportunities to advertise your business opportunity or business oriented offering to our visitors and readers….. Reach your target audience – advertise with us!

Why advertise with us? Here’re some reasons:

We recieve over 75 thousand (75,000) plus pageviews and growing, EVERY month.

Primarily our visitors arrive here via search engines, primarily meaning over 95% of the time.

– Our visitors are using search terms like “successful home business” and “home based business ideas” and “business ideas 2009” ets…

– It’s definitely affordable: an advertising campaign costs as low as US$45.00!

– It’s easy and hassle-free; send us your advertising materials, make payment and your advertisement will start running asap!

Lead Generation Special

Note:  This offer will require a phone conversation. Send your phone number via email.

Ever said to yourself, “If I could only find people who were looking for what I have”?  Well I’ve found you.  I’ve learned how. A few years back I started a home based business that required me to learn how to market an income opportunity.  Basically I had to learn how to generate my own leads.  I started the business, it was a great opportunity, still is, so there had to be other people who were looking for the same thing as I right?

Well in the town of around 10,000 that I lived in people really weren’t looking for what I was, some were thinking about it, but most weren’t actively looking.  I’ve traveled a lot.  I thought to myself, of all the towns across the country there are literally thousands of people who would love to get started in this business opportunity if I could just reach them.

Well I’ve reached them and they visit this website every day.  I’ve changed some goals and shifted my business model for this site and am no longer using it to generate leads for my own business opportunities, therein lies an opportunity, possibly for you?  If your making some money with your business, are following a constant system, and simply lack quality people to talk to then you might consider giving my proposal some thought. Do you generate your own leads for your business opportunity, do you buy home business leads?  How much time or money do you spend on lead generation? How do you feel about your investment?

How do you generate your own home business leads?

Basically over the years I fell in love with the challenge of marketing and attracting a specific audience.  CreateLiberty.Com is the manifestation of that consistent effort to connect with success minded people who were looking to make a change, i.e. business opportunity seekers.

If your serious about your home business opportunity, have a group of people your working with and are committed to becoming successful and financially well with your business opportunity, you should learn more about a great opportunity to generate you own home business leads.

More about This Website:

CreateLiberty.Com is successful website in the small business/business opportunityniche. A major portion of the traffic that visits the site is from search engines. Around 94% is from Google Search.  CreateLiberty.Com is optimized for words like “home based business idea”, “best business ideas”, “home based business 2009”, “small business ideas”.  These keywords and thousands like them are what bring traffic to this site. In other words people who end up here are actively searching for business opportunities and small business ideas. If you promote a business and need to generate leads on your own, it won’t get anymore targeted.

CreateLiberty.Com is not a classified ad site.  It won’t be. My network of sites does well generating leads because of the traffic I get from search. People looking for “business opportunity for under 10k” and “100k plus income direct sales” and “ best business to start 2009”, “successful home business”. My sites aren’t pretty, I’m no designer, but they do generate leads. I’m generating well over 100 leads a month now and I’m not even actively promoting a business!

Note:  This site was originally designed as a lead generation website for a home based business, it has evolved but I’ve kept it in the same niche as it was the easiest way to make money with the site.

I’ve generated many leads with a network of 4 websites, this being the main one. With some work I could do that for you.  It really just comes down to promoting your business and the sign up form throughout the blog and especially on the high traffic and most targeted pages.

I’ve bought leads, I’ve done the work of print advertising, I’ve participated in bandit sign co-ops, I’ve done flyers, I’ve participated in large media buys. They all stink in my opinion. If you like the Internet and know the value of talking to people minutes or hours after they take an action on their own, like filling out a web form and aren’t interested in the manual “work” of marketing then I can offer you value.

I’m not into daily maintenance, not interested in your leads. If you want to generate leads we can put your web form on my websites and I’ll post and position your opportunity for success. That’s what I’m offering. Set it and forget it. (you’ll need your own auto-responder)

Best Value for Lead Generation

I’ll do a one week trial at $350 dollars, then on six month intervals. If you choose to continue, and I think you will based on my experience with advertising and buying leads, then I will sell you the lone business opportunity web form rights on 4 sites for $3,000. If $3k sounds like too much, maybe it is.  I’m looking for a top tear business opportunity entrepreneur with a backend product upwards of 13k. At the end of the first month you’ll know if our arrangement is going to make you money or not.

I’m not a lead broker, I don’t sell leads, don’t have a “back office” or anything fancy.  If your going to make money in business your going to do it by adding value and talking to people.  Technology won’t make you a dime.  The leads generated on this site will be people you will have conversations with, real conversations.  If your into “playing the numbers game” Buy Leads and play numbers or go to the bingo hall.

Generating leads is a waste of time if you don’t call people back within a few hours of them submitting their info.

Another thing, while I’m throwing our my opinions,

I’ve studied the processes of lead generation companies, it’s a joke. Generate your own leads at CreateLiberty.Com by shooting me an email, we’ll have a phone conversation and if we decide to move forward I’ll get to work and we’ll put together a personalized marketing/lead generation plan for you.

Page views per month via adsense analytics- 15k and growing about 700-1000 per month.

I’m not interested in justifying my fee, I know what its worth to the right person, it’s a great value.

I am interested in a working relationship, in person, over the phone and think you deserve that for 3 grand. is my email, please only serious inquires.

I’ll confirm analytics, keywords and even optimize for keywords you prefer, no kidding! ( that’s big)

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