Best At Home Business ideas to Start a Small Home Business In 2012

by J.Crawford on November 18, 2011

Every few months or so I talk about some of best at home business ideas people are using to start a small home business and I wanted to put one together for 2012.  I started my at home business several years ago, actually it was 2006.  I’ve had some ups and downs both in terms of revenue and enthusiasm and it’s a safe bet you may experience the same thing.  That’s why it is important to take your time when you are decided what the best business idea is for you personally.  Having a genuine interest, or better yet, passion for your industry or business model is crucial to sticking it out through tough times.  I’ve written an article on what I feel the best home based business model is you can read and learn about the small home business model I use.

At Home Business Ideas

Over the years of researching at home businesses I’ve found most fit into a few categories.

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Web Publishing
  5. Franchise Ideas

While there are certainly more types of at home business ideas, these five cover a large majority.  By the way,  most any at home enterprise I consider to be one of the best is going to be web-based. I just feel that the leverage the Internet offers creates the best opportunities when it come to start ups.  I live in a rural area and I see revenues from all over the world, literally.  I couldn’t begin to do that with a traditional business model unless I had hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest.  I was able to start my home based business online for less than a hundred dollars.  And the expenses are ridiculously low and will remain that way.

Let’s do a quick break down of those five industries starting with Direct Sales, which is really just a home based direct sales job.  A parent company does all the heavy lifting like product creation, shipping, order fulfillment, etc.  You ad value and thus make money by prospecting and connecting customers with these products.  Many direct sales opportunities pay well even offering commission as high as 70%.  If you like sales and you want to start a small home based business ideas  you can do that with a direct sales business idea with very little out of pocket capital to get started. You can learn more about direct sales jobs by visiting out direct sales job blog you find these are some of the best sales job to earn 100k plus.

The second on the list is Network Marketing which is also referred to as MLM.  Network marketing is probably one of the most popular low cost business ideas and some have grown to make a lot of money with them.  Network marketing is a people business.  You recruit and develop a network of people who both purchase and sell products to end customers.  Most experts claim it takes 3 to 5 years to establish a good income with a network marketing opportunity.  There are thousand of these opportunities to choose from that sell all sorts of products from health items to food, and even energy. I also wrote an article on evaluating the best network marketing opportunities to join.

Affiliate marketing is much like direct sales and network marketing but with a twist.  Online most affiliate marketers create a  website that is specific to a certain niche then they build an audience at the website and promote other people products in the audiences interest group.  Many of the largest retailers today have an affiliate program, Amazon is one of the largest retailers who offers an affiliate program.  You can be an affiliate of both physical product and digital products.  Often the digital products are training type courses and they can have great commissions. I’ve created a page on affiliate marketing and if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing you can visit that page.

Web publishing is another great at home business idea if you want to start a small home based business but don’t want to invest a lot of start up capital.  A web publishing business also can work well with affiliate marketing, direct sales and network marketing…. It all depends on what type of website or newsletter you want to publish.  The home business model I use incorporates all of these ideas together.  While I don’t currently do any network marketing or own an at home franchise idea, I would have a great platform for success because of some of the websites that I’ve published.  Web publishing is fun and can be quite passive when done correctly.  Revenue is earned via advertisers along with commissions from affiliate products.

The last idea I mentioned was home business franchise ideas.  I wrote an article about franchises, what to look for and I gave some history on the franchise business model.  If you want to learn more about at home franchise ideas you should check on that article.  Some home based franchises do have higher start up requirements but you often get more of a business model when you start a franchise.  There are many consulting type franchise ideas and some that are service based for 2012.  Not all franchises can be run from you home office so make sure you do your research.

More Small Home Business Ideas for 2012

Besides the five popular industries for starting an at home business there are many more service type business ideas you can start at home using the Internet.  They are dependent on the specific skill sets you have and also depend on what you really like to do.  I’ve seen several companies springing up in the Content creations niche.  People like writing articles so they sell unique articles for web publishers all over the world.  You could design websites, do Internet marketing,  could offer all different kinds of coaching too.  These are all some of the best at home business ideas because you can start where you are at. You don’t have to quit you day job right at first and you don’t have to have a ton of capital to start these business ideas.  Can you make money from home with these Ideas?  You bet, I do with several of them.

If you have any more business ideas that you feel are the best small home business start up, please share them in the comments. If you have any questions about starting one of the businesses or some other one, feel free to ask in the comments.  Either myself or our readers would be more than happy to help with that.  With a confusing and turbulent economic outlook for at least the next 10 years, starting a small home business in 2012 is a great idea. I hope you consider it.



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