Best Network Marketing Opportunities To Join?

by J.Crawford on May 1, 2010

This might be new take on the best network marketing opportunity to join.  I’m not a natural fan of MLM’s, as network marketing ideas are sometimes called,  but I AM a fan of good business ideas and just about anything of integrity that can grow my online business and earn more money.  So how do you decide the best network marketing opportunity to join? I’ve written this short post to help you understand how  I go about choosing the best opportunities to expand my home business online.  And I’ll share a new reveneu stream I’ve recently found that has been a great addition to my online business and a good daily money maker.

This is an updates of sorts as this post was originally writted over  a year ago.  Here is what happened:

I joined what I felt was the best network marketing opportunities online at the time.  It was a DNA based nutritional solution in the vitamin supplement industry, which I felt (and still feel) is a brilliant business idea.  BUT, it was the right business model FOR ME.  I fell in love with the idea.  Some of the google people had been dabling in the industry for some time and I believe it will become the way of the future.  Eating well and getting proper nutrition has become a major challenge for some here in the U.S. and U.K. all over the world really. By the way I now own a successful fresh produce market. So what happened? The business model wasn’t right.  It required my being on the phone, talking with people about the business and recruiting new customers and clients.  Over the years I’ve become spoiled by the Internet.

What did I learn?

Well, because of my decision to start what I felt was one of the best network marketing opportunities online I learned exactly what I need in a mlm.  You see I get a ton of traffic to my small business blog network and the business opportunity business is tough for me to promote directly.  The business opportunity niche is filled with overpriced products that, most times, wouldn’t sell on their own.  Not for me.  Granted there are some great opportunities out there, like the one I mentioned, but it just isn’t for me.  What I learned was that I really wanted to find the best network marketing opportunity I could do online.  I love affiliate marketing and do a decent monthly income at it.  I’ve went out and found some good recurring commision affiliate marketing programs over the last hear and that has been a blessing to my online business.

Online Network Marketing Opportunities

Network marketing has always been a people business, and it still is.  I’ve seen most all of the new network marketing companies try to use the Internet and most have failed, mostly because of their business model and the nature of their products.  I started looking over 18 months ago for an MLM that was both legitmate and profitable, could be run exclusively online, and I also wanted a good mlm opportunity for beginners.  So what does that mean? Well a good online network marketing opportunity needs to (in my opinion):

  • Have a low cost of entry and monthly expense. (under $30 Bucks) <—– :)
  • Have a built in way to be completely free of overhead cost within 30 days.
  • Earn money every day for the new person who works at it.
  • Have backend products that increase profitability.
  • Be simple, easy to promote, and relevent.
  • Add real value to the market place.
  • Directly solve the problems EVERY beginner has and that is promoting the opportunity.


That’s quite a list and it’s the reason I’ve had to focus on other revenue streams over the past couple years, BUT. I think I found the best network marketing opportunity to start for the person who understand what that list means.  Are you a beginner? If you are this will work for you.  Do you already have a bunch of niche blogs and a good income comming in every month online?  This is another revenue stream that will likely work for you if you teach or talk about your business with a blog or website already. In fact the opportunity is a perfect and really a must have system if you are currently promoting ANY mlm or network marketing idea now.  It’s a little cash machine.  Forget the 3 to 5 year plan of your primary product driven opportunity,  this is about making money TODAY.

This opportunity is designed for the person Already promoting a primary opportunity as well a beginner.  If that’s you, Check it Out.

Learn how you can have money dropping into your paypal account everyday….From people who are serious enough about success at the industry to actually get out their credit card or hit the paypal button.  Those are the prospects you want to connect with right?

A Network Marketing Opportunity That Actually Makes Money

I’ve been online enough to hear all the mlm horror stories, all the wasted money and missed opportunity.  I don’t like some of the element that have traditionally come with even the best network marketing opportunities.  That’s why I don’t join or promote them. It isn’t my gig…. stock piling products, bugging, my friends, family and anyone I meet.  Knowing that the people who say yes are pretty much just doing so out of pity…. NOT FUN…. but…. This Is.

I look at the best network marketing opportunities just as I would a business and so I  use the same criteria to properly evaluate both.  If I have no interest in a given product or service, it’s unlikely I’d start a business in a niche that offers it.  So if you are looking for good network marketing idea and you want products you can share with your family and friends then use this advice to find a good primary business.  In the mean time Check out this Opportunity and see how you can make money whether someone signs up in your primary business or not.  While there are exceptions, this is the general rule I’d follow when looking for a good business to start or choosing the best network marketing opportunity to join.  The opportunity I’ve found gives me a way to make money by helping others build a successful home business, literally.

How can I say that?

Let me ask you this?

If you had 5 to 10 people to talk to everyday who were looking to earn extra money from home and liked the network marketing business model as an option, would that help you with your home business success?  Yes it would and HERE is how I help people like you do that.

If you not building you own network marketing opportunity but want to make a $100 dollars extra a day (that is $3k per month) then this is an easy business to start.  It is designed to make money everyday and it systematically shows you how to do it.

So tip number one: Pick an opportunity that you have genuine interest in. Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

So you’ve found a couple network marketing opportunities that promote a product or service you have a genuine interest in, now what?  Well advice at this juncture varies and I’m just sharing my perspective.  Most people will find it valuable to join a networking opportunity today that will still be around five years down the road…. I’m one of those people. Do I absolutely need this?  Nope, but if I’m going to promote an opportunity I’d like to enjoy the more passive elements to network marketing which usually come a little longer down the road.

So tip number two:  Join an opportunity that shows signs of longevity. Are the products timeless in nature?  Does the company have experienced owners who have a big vision and spend the money to do things right?

There are also start up costs and costs of operating your network marketing opportunity.

Start up costs of network marketing opportunities vary from $50 bucks or so, on up to several thousands.  I don’t give as much attention to start up costs as I do the ongoing monthly expenses attached to an opportunity.  Start up costs come with any business opportunity, network marketing idea, or traditional business…This is another good reason that the best network marketing opportunities to join are ones that will be around for several years to come.  One of the things I love about the home based business industry is the low cost of start up.

Successful Network Marketing Opportunities

I’ve been studying the home business industry for several years now an there have been some very lucrative businesses pop up in that time. I’ve watched several from the very start and have learned what most successful network marketing opportunities have in common. Here are some of the common characteristics of the best opportunities in network marketing:

Solid Company Leadership

This means the people who are handling the product creation, shipping and handling, e commerce platform, distributor organizing, marketing, and innovation of the company have the “stuff” together. You can tell a lot about the leadership of a good network marketing company by the way the launch the opportunity.  If the company has long since launched you can look to distributors and their marketing practices, you can look at the companies websites, and you can also do some research in to complaints about the company and opportunity.

Expansion Plans

Seem most successful network marketing opportunities you can join have plans to expand across the globe.  This provides opportunity for you as a marketer and is a good sign that the opportunity is geared for success.  Much planning and effort go into paving the way for international expansion of any business and I feel it is a great testament to the leadership of company who is expanding internationally.  Again most profitable network marketing opportunity, ones worth joining, have an international expansion plan or are already operating in many companies.

Marketing Assistance

While I wouldn’t advocate using any network marketing companies marketing resources exclusively, I think it is important to give your team of distributors a place to start.  One of the most important elements of a successful network marketing opportunity is a compliance department that is both responsive and competent.  Certain practices are OK  and other aren’t.  When your marketing you opportunity or products you will have questions about best practices and it’s nice to know you’ll get answers fast.

I’ve been blogging about home based business ideas for quite some time here at and network marketing is one type of home business I don’t directly focus on a whole lot.  Really though, most of the online business opportunities are some form of network marketing no matter how you look at it.  The Internet is a marketing machine and using it to build a profitable home business has really been a fullfilling experience over the last few years.

So, I’m excited to show you my little cash machine. Are you ready?

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Cheryl Lydston May 2, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Thanks for sharing your information on finding an opportunity. I enjoyed reading your post.

I have also learned that reading the company’s policies, procedures, and the contract you sign is also extremely important. While it is not the most exciting part of joining a company – It is critical that this is done, especially if you are looking for residual income and the ability to retire and continue to receive checks. I would not even consider joining without reading these items first.

.-= Cheryl Lydston´s last blog ..Effective Marketing Requires Consistent Action =-.

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