Best Online Businesses For a Beginner

by J.Crawford on April 14, 2010

Understanding online businesses and how they make money can be difficult for a beginner who can’t see the real workings of the best online businesses.  In general I think people, especially beginners, have a misconception of what an online business really is.  In my mind a business is a simple concept and means nothing more than:

A system of adding value and Getting paid for it.

So if you own a business, you own a system of adding value that people pay for.  One step further for the purposes of this article would leave us at a point like this: An online business is an online system of adding value that is paid for by customer or clients.

For example, creating a website that adds value to readers or advertisers (or both) is one way of creating a systems that adds value and makes money, which makes it an online business.

Best Online Businesses

Some of the best online businesses are quite simply just a website that helps to connect certain people with certain products.  Usually the people or companies with the products or services that appeal to your audience are the ones who will be paying.  Sometimes the audience pays too.

For a few specific examples you should visit another article I wrote on the Top Online Businesses for Beginners.

There are sites called membership sites where visitors or the audience actually pays for the content or access to the content on the sites.  Some examples of membership sites would be:

  • Online Dating Sites
  • Internet Marketing Training Sites
  • Vehicle Repair Sites
  • Gaming Sites

These sites have proven over time to be some of the best online businesses as they are some of the most scalable online businesses around. Adding the content only takes x amount of work/time and the only thing that needs to be done to increase revenue is to add more members, that is what I mean by scalable.

I have been working online and creating profitable online businesses for several years now and have watched many businesses start up online and have seen many online businesses grow.  Personally I like online businesses because they are usually home based business ideas and I like the freedom that comes with not being tied to an office or a shop.  I do some consulting that requires me to be in a certain place at a certain time but I can choose how that happens and I like that.

Most successful small businesses online take some time to become profitable.  The more service oriented online business are usually started with venture capital and often times reap the greatest profits.  Its tough to determine the best online businesses because they are so varied and the person who is going to be investing the time and money to start the online business really needs to determine this for themselves.

I’ve been evaluating online business ideas for several years and it seems that most successful businesses are started by someone who is passionate about one of two things; Making money or creating a better business model that is currently available.  Both of these are critical factors in creating a successful business and the best online business entrepreneurs know this.

Some online businesses are more passive than others, some online start ups cost more money to get started initially. Choosing the best online business to start should include taking into consideration the following ideas:

  • Required start up capital, if any.
  • Time commitment required to start and operate.
  • Skill set required.
  • Demand in the marketplace.
  • Can you afford to fail?
  • Can the business expand and innovate quickly?

These are all good points to ponder when determining the best online business to start or the best way to go about starting it.  Business ideas are great, but remember your ideas are only part of the equation. Let the marketplace tell you what they want and what they are willing to pay for and you will have success much faster. Starting your own business is a great way to create a more secure financial future and you can get started without having everything you need.

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size18dresses October 12, 2010 at 2:50 am

The lesson I learned this year is to watch my costs during research and development. Excitedly starting a new venture, I spent freely and burnt such a hole in my pocket trying to improve on this and experiment on that, that I’ve just recently gone into the black- when I should have profited months ago!

successful money making ideas April 19, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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admin April 15, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Is this a lead generation program or a marketing system? I’ve heard of it and it looked at it a bit. It does a great job as far as graphics are concerned, its top shelf. My thing though is that getting traffic is still the “tough” part and most people seem to go broke long before they become millionaires.

Charles Kaluwasha April 14, 2010 at 10:10 pm

The other big business that is profitable is Carbon Copy PRO, which has entrepreneur University, creating millionaires in the world. Their training is superb and give real life examples. When you plug into this community of serious entrepreneurs, you will see results that can make you happy.

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