Best Options For Accepting Credit Cards For Your Home Business

by J.Crawford on June 15, 2010

Accepting credit card payments is essential for just about any home business entrepreneur regardless of the product or service your offering.  There are quite a few good options now days to accept payments online and over the phone.  Security is has made huge improvements over the last 10 years as well.  The merchant services industry has really grown over the last decade and the market is quite competitive which is a good thing for consumers.

Best Options For Accepting Payments Online From Credit Cards.

I personally don’t want to assume any liability when it comes to other peoples credit card data and this is one of the benefits of using a good merchant services company.  North American Bancard is one of the leading companies that offers merchant account services and their website is full of useful information about the best options to accept credit cards for your home business.

The fees associated with merchant services are well worth the benefit and peice of mind you get when working with a trusted provider.  Accepting credit cards is the most convenient way to operate a home business, that’s a no brainer, you want to make sure you work with a solid company that accepts all the major cards along with credit cards that may be popular with your specific clientelle. 

You should look around before jumping on board with just any company.  There are great deals out there that include things like free equipment, excellent rates (1.19%), no lease options and more.  I always remind home based business owners to keep monthly recurring expenses low and avoid them where possible.  Starting a relationship with a merchant services provider without having to puchase equipment or sign a long term lease is pretty cool.

There are many options that are similar to Pay Pal as well, but keep in mind these options require your customer to have an account with the provider as well, this can be annoying to some people.  Also if your business has  customers who come to your phisical location to purchase products or services, you’ll want a machine on hand.

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