Best Small Business Ideas For A Website

by J.Crawford on December 1, 2009


Not Every Good Idea Is Obvious Before You Start

Thinking complicates so many things when it comes to ideas.  This is a short summary to help you determine the best small business ideas to implement with a website. If your a small business owner right now, you are leaving cash on the table if you are not developing Internet based small business revenue. How’s that sit with you?

If your an entrepreneur at heart you have to be interested in the Internet and what it means to your business or better yet, new business ideas.

One thing, in my mind, qualifies a good small business model for a website.  I’m not pretending there aren’t a number of factors that need to be spot on for success, but this one thing is a great starting point for determining the best small business idea that YOU can implement with a website.  My top qualifier comes as a question:

Can you Ship it?

Info products aside, as they seem to be loosing popularity unless they are very niche focused, shippable products are all on the table when it comes to figuring out the best avenue to start a small business idea for a website.

Do websites scare you? Remember when you were deciding whether to rent or build an office?  Is it like that for you?

I remember making that decision.  I choose to lease an office and some warehouse space for business I started in my early twenties. I was scared, but I did it and it really set things in motion.  Employees responded differently, clients and the small business community also responded differently. Can you relate?

A small business website is a lot the same.  Most successful small businesses have at least one product or service that is ripe for an Internet harvest. What is yours?  I think the best small businesses to start are ones that will compliment an already proven small business income stream or strategy and many times this can happen as an online “arm” of your current business. Online business ideas are carry much less baggage in the way of risk too, but the risk was much more apparent…. Kinda like airplanes “seem” risky, but your car is off the charts when you look at the % of fatalities compared to (whatever)… you know what I mean.

Best Small Business Idea for a Website:

I think one of the best small business ideas is low margin high volume. Maybe not THE best, but one of them. First off, low margins or low profit small business ideas take the target off you back and make ambitious entrepreneurs like me think twice about throwing my hat in the ring.

Most profitable small business concepts that use the high volume – low margin business model need two things:

  1. Low overhead.
  2. Large geographical market area.

If that doesn’t make you think Internet, nothing will. This is precisely what Internet business ideas offer.  If you could have a store in every state that sold a particular product at a lower cost that any other would you do it? What if you could have a storefront in every state without one building?  I’d challenge that fifty web pages optimised geographically for each state would return better profits for many products or services than a brick and mortar store front anyway.  I’ve used several website builders or, platforms, as they are called and have found on of the best do it yourself website solutions to be the one I use here, its called WordPress.

So in conclusion:  What does your small business do best?  Could you make that happen online with a small business website?  What would that do for your business? What other Internet based small business ideas could you implement this year to increase profits and add value to you customer base?

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admin December 1, 2009 at 11:04 am

If you have a story about a product or idea that was attached to your existing small business, that created results when you went online you could also email it. I’ll post it for you.
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admin December 1, 2009 at 11:03 am

What are good small business ideas or products you have had success with online?

Any questions will be answered.

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