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by J.Crawford on February 15, 2010

SBA Best Small Business Resource Online

Free SBA Resources and The Best Resources From The Web

In this post I’m listing some of the best small business start up guides and online success resources that you will find online. These are small biz resources that I refer to myself and millions of entrepreneurs across the United States do as well.  

You guide me with your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny. Psalm 73:24 

Building a successful home business has an element of science to it and like science, the most profitable small business entrepreneurs rely on lessons learned from those that have gone before them.  New business ideas, or online business ideas are only a decade old for the most part, but much has been retained in the way of “what works” and “what doesn’t”.  I don’t waste time, and neither should you, staying current with what everyone is doing now, but some principles, processes and tools will remain a complete and crucial necessity to starting and maintaining a successful small business enterprise. Here are a few places to start: 

Business Planning

You can enroll in a business planning course offered by the sba It cost nothing and this link takes you directly to the enroll sheet. 

If you know, or have an idea of what a business plan is all about, you might want an outline for writing one, here is a how to write  a business plan guide also from the SBA. 

Navarro College offers a great resource as well with a variety of valuable links to assist you in the planning phase and getting started

If you like it fast and simple, like me, then here is a simple business plan outline. That breaks it down in terms like this: This is what you need in your business plan, itsa clear business plan outline

Free SBA Small Buisness Video on Small Business Start Up Success. 


Those are the business planning resources, the only ones you will need to actually put together a business plan. Now for my two cents: 

I don’t have a business plan. I mean not one like you can research above. My plan is to add value and make money. Turns out that’s a law of business. Another law is you’ll make a little less than the value you add, so always be adding more value. I’m not sure if you can find these laws in a book, but they are so, I know, I have knowledge. Knowledge is when you actually do something. You never know it like when you do it, know what I mean. So make sure you get that, and put it in your plan.  A formal business plan is important, I’m not saying it isn’t.  If you intend to attract start up capital, you will need a business plan. That brings us to the next group of the best small business resources I’ve found on finance and getting start up capital for your small business. 

Small Business Financing

A good place to start for financing information and where to look is another SBA destination, apparently the have the resources to put all these wonderful sites together, you know where they get those don’t you? We will get into taxes later. 

If you plan on applying for a business loan you’ll need a few things and I’ve found a handy checklist for applying for a small business loan, check it out. 

Depending on you and your business venture you may qualify for special types of small business loans via the SBA, go find out at their small business loan search.

SBA Small Business Loans Video 

The largest 20 banks, which now command 57 percent of all bank assets, devote only 18 percent of their commercial loan portfolios to small business. The Huffington Post.  This means Its a real bugger getting cash for a start up. If your going to start a business because you decided to start a business and the SBA won’t be one of your stops for small business financing then consider some lessons I’ve learned: 

Home based business ideas require much less start up capital and the low overhead alone can be an instant “lifestyle creator”.  Keep your money in your pocket, consider starting a home based business. Is it possible in the industry you wish to start up in? 

Best Home Based Business Ideas To Start In 2010 and Beyond

Many home business ideasare simply websites that earn a profit. These home business profit centers can be on just about any relevant topic. I’ve written a short post on the steps to starting a succesful home business, this is actually a personal story of my own.  Some of the best business ideas for the next few years will be: 

  • Green Business Ideas
  • Sustainable Business Ideas
  • Home Based Service Business Ideas
  • Consulting Business Ideas
  • Organic Food Business Ideas
  • Small Business Internet Consulting
  • Preventative Care Type Business Ideas
  • Professional and Life Coaching
  • Online Security Business Ideas
  • Personal Development Business Ideas

Looking to your personal likes, dislikes, and personal assets is great place to start when looking to find a work at home based business.  There are many creative financing options for a small business start ups. People to often excuse the idea of starting a small business because they don’t have the cash. Like I said, there are many ways to finance a business start up.  The first is Cash Flow.  Many, maybe even most, service businesses can be financed with your customers money. There may be equipment and supply requirements for your start up and those will have to be met. Talking with local vendors, maybe even rental companies is a great way to meet certain needs without taking on debt. Get a good, a real good, cash flow model and add profitability later, it works. 

Successful Small Business Marketing

One stop along your quest for quality marketing information has to be Duct Tape Marketing, Its a website online, they offer great stuff. Seems everywhere I go someone is talking about them. It’s worth the stop. 

The good old SBA offers an online marketing and advertising course, I’m pretty sure its free, well sort of, it won’t cost a dime to take it, but they will get their money later when you make a buck, know what I mean? 

I thought this was another great resource in simple terms on what marketing is, why it is important, and what it can do for your business, give it a look. Another blog I read, every post, is Seth Godins Marketing Blog

Advertising and marketing is important and I think it is also one thing most first time entrepreneurs get way wrong. I’m not pretending to be a small business marketing expert, because I’m not, but the Internet is cost effective way to learn good marketing. The best place to advertise a home business online , for example, is where people go who are looking to start a home business. Online this is much easier than guessing or just putting up cards at coffee shops. There are obvious places people check out when evaluating the best business to start

Other Small Business Start Up Ideas

There are many other “incidentals” to starting a business like registering you business name. This can be a very simple undertaking depending on the business you start. 

Ever think one place was better than another to start a small business. By this I mean start up friendly states, no so much “location is everthing”. Here a great post on the best places to start a small business.

Here is a planning checklist for licesing your small business so your all legal beagle. 

One thing worth mentioning at this point is that many small business ideas, home based business ideas included, never really go anywhere. One thing I’ve done since I first started in business in my early twenties is to not get all worked up in the planning phase.  To me it doesn’t make a lot of sense to register a business name and do all the planning and such if the idea is just not accepted by the market place.  I’d recommend working at the business for a set period of time and determine whether or not your business idea is what you thought it would be. You business is going to be changing all the time anyway, and thinking your plan is your ticket to success is the primary reason most small businessstart ups fail in my opinion. Steve pavlina wrote a great article on this. He also wrote a good article on mistakes self employed people make, give it a read. 

If you appreciate these resources or have others you feel should be added to the list, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 

Thanks for visiting and stop back for updates to this post. 



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