Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

by J.Crawford on August 5, 2010

One of the ways I make money with my online home business is through affiliate marketing. Many of the top home based business ideas are one form of marketing model or another and usually they are affiliate type marketing relationships. One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to start your own website and before you cross this method off you list due to being technically challenged…. Building a website is WAY easier than you could possibly imagine.

In fact because of the unique home business model there are people who will even set up your website for you for very little cost, even free. If your looking for one of the best ideas to make money with a website for a beginner, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways hands down. There are ways to make money fast with affiliate marketing, but using a website to make money with it will take more time. There are several strategies that work well and I recommend learning from 5 of the top marketers on the Internet today, for more on that visit the Affiliate Marketing page.

Here is one tip that will help tremendously:  By writing articles that promote or review certain affiliate products and inviting the reader to learn more at your website or blog you accomplish several things:

  • You have initiated a possible sale.
  • You have created some back links to your website and thus traffic.
  • And you have improved you SEO on the site and will benefit from that long term.

This tip alone, implemented by someone serious about making money from home is big. It makes money.   I recommend thinking more long term when it comes to creating a successful online business.  Most of the information and sales pages out there sell a fast money making dream and my experience has been different.  Because of my decision to start my own websites, or blogs like this home based business blog, I have several ways to create additional revenue, some of which is recurring every month.

What’s The Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Learn from successful people willing to show you how its done…FOR REAL… and then do what they say. You have to be willing to work and work without getting paid for period of time. I’m here to tell you it is worth it when it’s all in place.

Other ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

Any comments or questions are welcomed.

  1.  Do you have other ways to make money with affiliate marketing you could share with our readers? 
  2. What are some of the more unique affiliate marketing methods you know of? 
  3. How did you become a successful affiliate marketer?

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admin August 11, 2010 at 9:47 am

Micheal, I’d say the thing that has had the most impact for me is finding the right products. You can do this by accessing where your traffic is comming from. What keywords people are finding your website with is the best clue for which products to promote. Once you know the keywords, you can look for sites with similar traffic and see if they are promoting affiliate products… This is an effective wato make more money with affiliate marketing, I’ve done it myself. I also have people contact me based on the niche and volume of my website traffic. I figure if they think their product will convert, I could give it a try and find out.

Hope this helps.


Michael Little August 11, 2010 at 8:04 am

Hi there I’ve been trying to make a little money also through article marketing and blogs etc for about 6 months or so now using products from Clickbank and Moreniche, need I say I’ve not made a penny. Would you be able to give some advice any would be appreciated.

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