Best Work at Home Based Business Ideas for Top Incomes From Home

by J.Crawford on July 24, 2010

I’m always sharing what I feel are some of the best work at home business ideas for earning a good income from home and I’d thought I’d share my own best ways to make money from home using the Internet.  Most of “home business ideas” I use as revenue streams for my Internet business require and have at their core a website or blog. I’ve used Blogger and I’ve used and still use word-press self hosted blog as a key cog in my home business income plan.

Cheap Home Business Website

I’d like to mention before I get into my favorite ways to make money onlinethat it is likely much easier to start a blog if you don’t currently have one. I even offer a service where I can set up  a top level SEO optimized blog for you using word press software. You have to pay hosting but it’s pretty cheap, I think I pay $150 bucks for TWO Years of hosting and it’s great hosting. By the way that service is cheap too. I charge under $200 to set the site up completely with all the required plug-ins and I offer a 30 minute telephone consultation (or skype) to answer your initial questions and I also share my own strategy that has resulted in over 40 thousand page views a month to my small network of websites. So don’t use the excuse that you don’t know how. I make it silly simple and offer the service at a total steal! Visit the SEO help page and shoot me an email with “wordpress site” in the subject.

Keep in mind there are ways to make money online without a website, I’ll get into some of those at a later time.  I recommend learning the in’s and out’s of wordpress and go ahead and get wordpress installed for under 200 dollars, you will have an asset, a launching pad for endless opportunities to make money from home with a number of differed top home business ideas.

Ways to Make Money With a Website

The top ways I make money with my website are:

  • Selling advertising space.
  • AdSense.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Sponsored Posts.
  • Consulting SEO clients.

While some of these work at home business ideas don’t work well for a beginner, some do.  The best place to start making money online for a beginner would probably becoming an adsense publisher.  How does it work? Well you need to think of a good niche that your familiar with or interested in. It’s important that it has commercial value and has a healthy selection of Ad buyers.  Many different products work just fine, it’s about finding something your excited about enough to maintain a blog, which means writing content. I’ve purchased also purchased a great piece of software that makes finding profitable niches for adsense easy. If your interested in the software I use to make money with adsense, get in touch- Go to the Contact Page.

Selling advertising space can be profitable but it requires a target audience with considerable size.  I like to think of this strategy as a back end to your Ad–Sense website.  Selling advertising didn’t really become significant for me for at least a year and a half so don’t think you’ll start making a ton of cash right of the bat, because you likely won’t.

Making money with your website via sponsored posts is much like advertising sales, but in my experience, tends to happen a little quicker. I’ve probably traded more sponsored posts than I’ve been paid for but it all helps my network of sites, and it will help yours too.  I’ve found that many of the my advertising customers tend to come back time and again as the put together new campaigns for their clients websites.  Just keep in mind the more links you have going out from your site, the more you need coming in.  A solid strategy for a profitable home based business is to combine the above list over time.  Basically you’ll be learning along the way and coming up with great home business ideas you can implement.  Share what you’ve learned via consulting opportunities. If you know about SEO and how to set up a good adwords campaign, maybe even how to build a simple website, you could learn how to start a SEO/SEM business the easy way.

My consulting business is quite small and it basically started with friends I know personally. I like to have at least one SEO client all the time as the revenue is helpful and I enjoy working with other and helping them get some of the same results I’ve gotten with my own sites.

What Makes These The Best Work at Home Based Business Ideas?

Well everyone is different, but for me I like these ideas and consider them the best ways to make money with a website because:

There is a passive element.

You can make money relatively quickly and it builds over time.

They can all be done in your spare time.

The start up costs are very low.

Most successful small business ideas online that you can operate from home are really very inexpensive to start but they do take a lot of effort, especially in the beginning.  Using a website as the cornerstone of your home business idea is smart for a lot of reasons, but it won’t spit out a ton of cash initially so don’t expect that.  If your willing to do the work on a consistent basis and continue to learn and improve, then it can really pay off in the long term (1-2 years)

I hope this article has given you some encouragement for starting your own home business. These ideas are some of the top ways of making money from home, they work, I use them myself.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments, I’d love to help.

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