Business Health Insurance Options: 2009 Best Insurance Option.

by J.Crawford on December 4, 2008

Business Health Insurance In 2009: Some of The Reasons HSA’s Might Be Smart.

Business or employers offering health insurance at no cost to employees is not a given in 2009. With health insurance cost rising for small business owners and corporations feel the pinch of baby boomer health insurance payouts, alternatives are being sought.

HSA as a Health Insurance Plan

One of the most popular health insurance options with small business owners and employees alike is the HSA or Health Saving Account.  The HSAis popular among younger employees and business owner especially for smart and practical reasons. Business health insurance is not only a variable expense is is considered a risky proposition to employers who have not previously  offered it as a benefit to employees.

Company Provided Health Insurance

The risk with offering a company provided health insurance planis the idea of cost rising, sometimes at double digit rates within one year alone. Obviously this is a disaster as it create a situation where the benefits may need to be taken away… Ouch, is what you might be thinking if your a small businessmanager, owner, or a human resources decision maker.  Regardless of the reason or bottom line need to take away a benefit like health insurance, employees won’t take it well.

Safe Business Health Insurance.

The health savings account is a much safer option as viewed by small business health insurance decision makers for a few key reasons. First of it tends to be a much more efficient health insurance model. Maybe the most. Without going into great detail of the working of the HSA, let it suffice to say that if your under 38 years old, you likely are a good candidate. If your an employee, do some research and talk to your employer about the HSA being an alternative to the high cost of traditional small business health insurance costs.

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admin August 2, 2009 at 8:05 pm

HSA’s are a great idea, looks like this post may need some updating in the next 6 to 12 months as new health care strategies get hammered out by the new administration.

Have any thoughts or good ideas as to what a productive approach might be to health care, who provides it and what it means to the employee and the small business owner?

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