Business Ideas That Everyone Can Do.

by J.Crawford on December 31, 2008

Welcome Back, I’m talking about a simple business idea in this article, that is cool, because anyone can do it.  Anyone? Yes this is one of the business ideas that anyone could do…. even your grandma,grandpa, mom, dad, maybe even your dog…. Kinda.

If your wondering if a Dog could actually do this, no it couldn’t, BUT, your dog could play a part and many do. I’m talking about writing a blog.  Yes that’s right, a blog.  Many people don’t think of a blog as a business idea.  It seems most people think blogs are great for writing unconnected bits of information, wisdom, and anecdotes… Kinda like an online journal.  Blogs are great for this, and they can also be great as a simple business idea that anyone could do.

Back to the Dog idea… do you have a dog?  Let’s say you do, check this out…

Say you get a dog as a puppy and start to train it.  You’ll need to “house break” your furry friend first and then you’ll want him to do cool tricks so you can show your friends, right?smalldog

Here is the thing, just about everyone who gets a dog, or other pet, will go through many of the same processes that you will.  And if you document how you train your dog, or blog about cool tricks you dog does, you will help others or at least provide entertainment value, right?

What makes a Business Idea Good?

The key to all good business ideasis to add value.  We make money in this world by adding value, its the only way really.  While not all business ideas add real value, they at least need to add perceived value to be good or viable business ideas.

Making Money With a Simple Business idea.

As you attract and audience, with your dogs help, that audience bpuppiesecomes value to advertisers who just happen to produce products for pets.  You could sell ad space to these advertisers and there you go.  I would speculate if you were to blog consistently for a year, you blog would easily pay for the food your four legged friend will need to energize his new found fame.

If you can talk, you can write, and if you can write you could blog.  Can’t write? Then learn and as you do, blog about it.  Got kids? Great material there!  Some of the best business opportunities are the simplest and Topics are endless and this is one of the elements that makes blogging a viable business idea that anyone and everyone could do.

Got some other thoughts on business ideas that are accessible to most but little known? We love comments! Thanks for visiting.

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