Can You Make Money From Home With Blogging?

by J.Crawford on November 16, 2011

A few years back I started a blog and have since started several more. I’m often asked the question, “Can you make money from home with blogging”…. The short answer is yes and I wanted to elaborate more on that with this article.  There are several reasons why I think blogging is  a great way to make money from home and I’ll share some of those later.  Using blogs to make money isn’t for everyone, I get that, but if you don’t mind typing and you have a creative tinge you may find it is an excellent way to make money.

Many people don’t realize that many “websites” that you visit are actually blogs.  Blogs operate on a CMS or Content Management System and they are a great way to easily organize information.  Many CMS platforms are very user friendly.  The first blog I made was a blogger blog and it took all of about 5 minutes to set it up, no kidding.  Currently I rely on Word press which is another free blogging platform.  Personally I feel word press is one of the best blogging platforms is you want to make money with a blog.  You have more options than other free services and there really aren’t any rules, you can’t get kicked off.  I lost a business idea blog earlier this year because the provider thought it was spam.  It was all original content, I owned it for several year and I liked the thing. I’ll continue to try and get it back, anyway…..

Starting a blog to make money from home is an intelligent home business idea but keep in mind it is different than many other money making opportunities online in that, you have to be patient.  It doesn’t happen overnight and patience is on of the most important factors to starting a successful money making website.  I was doing  a link exchange request the other day and the gentleman emailed me a list of his blogs.  He must have had 50 of them, they were good too…. he is making well over six figures a year with his network, maybe closer to $250,000 dollars.  Sure he worked his tail off to build his network, but now he outsources content creation and sales. It’s a sweet business model.  If you like time freedom and the ability to work anywhere, maybe you should learn how to make money with a blog. Over the past few years I’ve created a full time recurring income from a few blogs that make money everymonth. I feel this is one of the best business models because I can take a month or more off and my income doesn’t go down. If you want to learn how to get started fast check out this memebership tutorial. Watch the Video.

Good Small Business Ideas

In my opinion a good small business idea has to provide three things:

  1. Profit
  2. Time Freedom
  3. Sense of Purpose

When you find a business idea that does all three, life can become magical.  Another important part of a good small business idea is scalability.  You want to start a business that doesn’t become a monster as it becomes more successful, most do.  Blogging is a good fit for the criteria for a good small business idea because it satisfies these crucial elements for success. Automation is an entrepreneurs’ friend and blogging offers tons of smart ways to automate. It takes me no more time now to operate my money making blogs than it did when I started. Another attribute of a good small business idea is saleability, can you sell it someday?

Not all small home based businesses are easy to sell, most aren’t.  A blog network with proven revenues can fetch a good amount of money and it is fairly easy to transfer ownership.  I’ve bought websites and had the up and running on my hosting within hours.

How to make money from home with blogging.


When you decide to start a money making blog you need to pick your topic carefully.  A good blog topic for making money should be evergreen, meaning it will be relevant 5 or 10 years from now.  Don’t start a blog based on a fad.  You can writes posts on the blog about fads, that works, but don’t focus the whole site on it.  It has been suggested in the Internet marketing community to choose a domain name with your keyword in the name and I concur, it helps.  Once you have your topic and domain name picked out you need to choose a CMS for you blog and get hosting.  Hosting is fairly inexpensive, costing less that $10 bucks a month in most cases.  Once your blog is live you are ready to roll.

There are a lot of other details that go into creating a successful money making blog, I’m not trying to over simplify the process. A blog post could never come close to explaining all the details to creating a successful online business with a blog.  There are several training programs online that help you start a blogging business. I recommend joining a membership type blogging community that has been successful for 3 or more years.  A couple of the training programs I purchased were close to 2k…. ouch. I was already into blogging for a couple years and didn’t really get the value from the programs I had hoped.  The reason I recommend joining a membership community is that instead of spending a bunch of money all at once then being on your own, a membership allows you access to get questions answered and keeps you up to speed with changes.  Remember, when it comes to online digital products money does NOT equal value. One of the best programs I know of that helps people make money  from home with a blog quickly is one of the cheapest.

You can learn everything you need to learn about making money online using a blog for free. It takes about 2 years, at least it did me.  I had no clue that programs existed when I got started and I wish I had. I have met several friends along the way because I took the long road, but many of them are contributors to the community based tutorial sites that help people make money using blogs.

If you have any questions that I can help you with, I will.  You can ask them in the comments below. This website is a blog, it is hosted on BlueHost and uses Word Press as it’s CMS.  It has become one of the top online business resources and receives thousands of visitors every month.  I have other blogs on a variety of topics, from assisted living to infrared heaters.  One tip I gladly extend is to try and pick a niche where the purchase price of the products in the niche you are in is over $300 OR there is a high long term value of client acquisition.  People who advertise on websites are generally either selling something or looking to acquire leads.  Your job as a blogger is to gather a targeted audience for those people.   Do you think you want to make money from home with blogging?  The more you help them sell their products or generate leads, the more money you make…. it is that simple.

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