Case Study: Network Marketing Model Impacts Gains~Genewize:Genelink

by J.Crawford on May 12, 2010

I thought this story on the first quarter gains of life sciences company GeneLink, Inc was a new way of looking at the impact of network marketing opportunities. I see stories all the time how network marketing companies change the lives of marketers and direct sellers, but it isn’t often I’m aware of the impact a solid network marketing sales model can have on a company.

Genewize and Genelink

While the relationship isn’t stated explicitly in the press release, I believe GeneLink is the producer of the cutting edge bio-science products and patented DNA home assessment kits the Genwize opportunity offers.  I notice the mention of the sales force and touching previously unreached markets and can comfortable assume it refers to the strong and growing impact of the network marketing arm of the company.  It truly is a cutting edge opportunity both in terms of product offering a business cycle. Right now is the time to affiliate with business opportunity if you want to be in the “drivers seat” during the Growth phase, and trust me, you Do.

Genewize Genelink Press Release

As far as great opportunities go, you can’t beat the Genewize business opportunity as far as cutting edge is concerned.  It’s really a great testament to individuals taking personal accountability to a level that makes a difference, not only in their own health, but that of others. 

If you would like to see what I’ve seen about this truly cutting edge approach to intelligent personalized health, just fill out the request form here and I’ll send you the details on what I think is just a great business idea and even better wellness concept.  To learn more about the Genewize Business opportunity request more information…It’s Free.

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