Creative Healing Methods: Your Take on Alternative Healing?

by J.Crawford on November 4, 2008

I just got done sitting in on a Wayne Dyer show where he interviewed a Doctor on healing, the mind, DNA, and the power of intentional thinking.  You know, it seems this alternative healing school of thought is opposed to the traditional medical approach at first glance, but is it?

Who is the medical Authority?

Well as with most things it’s not real clear and in reality separation is just an illusion. We are all connected, is the mantra of Dr. Dyer and many others.  There really is no authority anymore in this world we life in. It’s not like we can take one Medical Doctor and another, who represent, believe in, and are proponents of the two different schools of thought and get a definitive answer.

I’ve always been interested in alternative healing, the mind and what the human body is really capable of. Disease and the increase of it is really no mystery, yet, the masses tend to think it is. A vast group of people believe the medical institution is hard at work to cure disease and learn the causes and cures for every illness. Truth is, there not.

Doctors, Nurses, and Students.

I’ve had the opportunity to work and live with doctors, nurses,and a few surgeons, and even some students during mission work in third world countries. It was really neat. I’m not in the medical field, unlike 80% of my family, and I was intrigued at how the medical community, or hierarchy, or what ever, operated.

What are your thoughts, and experiences with alternative healing? Creative healing methods, some of which are well documented, are really far out.

I guess the Healers job and the Doctors job is to allow or assist the body in healing itself? ….We love comments.

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admin November 7, 2008 at 3:39 am

For the love of God, I loathe going first. I thought I’d mention though, I don’t visit a doctor regularly. Fact is I don’t have a “doctor”, meaning someone I call or visit a couple times a year. I’m uncommon today, and I wouldn’t be 30 years ago.I’ve watched the medical field become an institution, a marketing machine, and well, less of a good thing.Alternatives methods, any methods that produce results, are worth while, its about results.

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