Different Business: Entrepreneurs Seeking New Business Ideas,Results.

by J.Crawford on October 7, 2008

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking to improve upon past successes. New business ideas are the life blood of different business results. Tweaking, changing, learning and repeating the process of innovation.

How do you know when your racing a three legged horse? And if your no longer betting on your horse when do through in the towel and look for a new business a different business model?

These are tough questions that face entrepreneurs. It’s tough to up and start a completely new business venture. There are the “what if’s” the ” I could’s” and the “maybe we should’s” that face every business owner.

A Different Business.

Let’s face it, deciding to start a different business is tough. Figuring out which new business to start can be made a little more simple by looking to your current business and your past business experience to point you in the right direction.

Questions to Ask When Considering a Different Business.

  • What experience over the last six months was the most gratifying in your business?
  • What most excites you about the world we live in today.
  • How do you see yourself in your business role. (thinker, helper, inspirer,problem solver)
  • If money didn’t matter what would you do right now?
  • What should a business that you build deliver to you?
  • Does your business fulfill your purpose?
  • If you were to pass on tommarow what would you regret missing the most?
  • What bridges do you have that you could use to build a new busienss?
  • How much money do you want to earn?

Many new businesses started today by experienced entrepreneurs and new business owner alike are different from traditional business start ups in that they look at the business as the product. Many businesses homebased and simple in design are built to offer specific lifestyle and financial results to the entrpreneur, the one doing the work and taking the risk.

Different Business, New Model, Better Results.

This being said a business must add value to the customer and client. New business entrepreneurs in the information age know this and deliver, they have to. Different results are being achieve through the way this value is added. The processes used to deliver value to end customers and clients is the means through which these hybrid results are being created. The how to of being successful ulimately dosen’t change. Creating real wealth in your life can happen faster with a better model.

New Business Models That Work Better.

Turnkey business models are one way entrepreneurs are starting new ventures. Turnkey business models eliminate many or the hassles and much of the risk associated with starting a different business. Also expenses can be much lower and usually are. Things like real estate, workers compensations,equipment and employees are many times eliminated with turnkey business models.

Many entrepreneurs turn to writing, educating, and training as way to generate an additional income in the new business model being created today.

Different Businesses Ideas and Results You Have Had?

What changes have you made in your business in the last five years?

What differnt ideas have you implemented in the last year that you were oblivious to 5 years ago?

What results have you achieve my making small changes in delivery of you product or service?

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