Dream Big System: An Official Jack Canfield Program. Conference Call.

by J.Crawford on October 8, 2008

Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield Conference Call on Dream Big.

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Bob Proctor has been in the industry over forty years and says the Jack Canfield dream big system, with vision board, exercises and gratitude program. There is also the dream big system that comes with a 2 plus hour DVD and a CD you can listen to in your car. A multi-media system achieving your biggest dreams quickly. Also with the Dream Big System you have 30 days of audio training.

Notes on the Jack Canfield Bob Proctor Call.

W. Clement Stone a Napoleon Hill student introduced Jack Canfield to the term: inverse paranoia- Stone believe everything that occurred in life was to help in specifically, the opposite of thinking the world was out to get him… Canfield  said on the phone that he believes in a kind loving universe that is full of ready benefits.

Canfield divorced thirty years ago and lost a lot to his ex wife. He noticed as that went on he realized he was resting in contentment and was able to see the divorce in the light that it inspired him to take Chicken Soup From the Soul to a whole new level.

Canfield mentions that asking for what you want is key. He noted that you can go to the ocean with a thimble or a teaspoon, or a bucket or a pipeline. Its not going to put the ocean out, right?

Jacks Program “Dream Big” is designed to help people dream and realise a bigger dream. As Jack stated on the call.

Jack Canfield on the Dream Big Program.

” I takes no more energy to dream big, so why not dream big”

You don’t have the capacity to dream a dream you can’t create… that was from Walt Disney. Jack Canfield has seen this truth in his life. Anything is possible. You may have to do some different alliances or different tactics, but you can do it. Dream big dreams and attract big people.

Jack went on in the call of all the people who have done extraordinary things that were accomplished by first dreaming big.

Proctor talks about big ideas and the fact he has not been bored in 50 years. Bob talks about taking personal responsibility and how responsibility is really the key to freedom.

Many people think of responsibility as a drag. It’s really not. When a person is 100% responsible you don’t have to think. You make a decision and you do it. Your responsible. You have to give up blaming, making excuses and blaming when your being personally responsible.

Complaining, you can complain unless you have a reference point for something better. People don’t complain about gravity because there is no option.  When we complain we see another option that we are not able to risk for. You can’t complain about a wife’s behavior is you don’t have an image of someone different.  The reality is you have an image of something you want that your not willing or havn’e decided to go after when your complaining.

Jack talks about E+R =O Event+Response= Outcome.

Jack talks about the dream big systemand how it helps to overcome the responses that keep you from realising your dreams. We have to change negitive beliefs, there are powerful and fast way to change this. Through imagry, correct imagery. People who have tried imagry unsuccessfully, are reminded that like a car that won’t run right, it dosen’t mean the car is junk, it means there is likely one thing that need tweaking.

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