Effectively Creating Change: Permanent Change.

by J.Crawford on September 8, 2008

Successfully creating real change in my life has been a struggle, a challenge and also a point of achievement on some levels.  One of the most successful ideas that has helped to create lasting change in life has been simple as most good ideas are.

I realized that much of my time was spent managing and reacting to the life, problems, and challenges that were what I called my life. Here is the idea plain and simple…

Simple way to create lasting change.

What would happen if I carved out a few minutes or perhaps an hour of each day to plan, think on, and develop a more intentional, life by design, if you will.

It is said that thoughts create reality, right? So as you’ve probably guessed, taking this simple path toward change, produces results. It has to.  I found as I utilized the time I set aside each day to plan and put into action the life I really wanted, the time that was given to the pursuit grew! This is true for small business and life in general.

I realized that for me, I want simplicity to be the over arching element in my life. I want life to feel good and posses a good portion of good old fashion fun!

Here are a few practical things that came about as a result of using this tool for permanent change.

  • I had a set time to pay bills.
  • I learned what an acceptable purpose was for me.
  • I learned detachment from current “crisis’s”
  • I learned how to word goals and access progress.
  • I developed a clear picture of what it was I wanted in life.
  • I gave up “more” as my purpose in life.
  • I saw the ignorance in striving and began to allow instead.

I now a quote, maybe you’ve seen it… ” Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” Kinda neat, I think.

Everything in my life is a result of my thinking. If I’m not completely happy with what my life is I can change it if I believe this and understand the implications.

If it isn’t someone Else’s fault, then there is a chance I can do something about it. Personal responsibility is powerful, and ally, if you will.

If your looking to create lasting change  start with something small. Focus for a month or so on something small but significant.  After you get a couple “wins” under your belt and notice change you will create momentum and can roll with that. I love momentum. Take small steps, and let momentum build.

Until, next time… Take care..

As always, comments are appreciated.


admin September 14, 2008 at 11:11 am

Thank you Jeanne We appreciate the insight!

Jeanne May September 14, 2008 at 1:14 am

So many people want to create change in their life and the points you talked about were very helpful.

Another simple and easy to do technique to begin to create the change in your life you desire is to start with gratitude. Become aware of what you are grateful for in your life… and get in the habit of expressing it regularly. This goes a long way in personal development. As the law of attraction says: what you focus on persists. It seems logical therefore to focus on what is good and positive in your life and the universe will deliver more positive and good things to you.


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