Entrepreneur Looking For a New Business: Best Place to Start.

by J.Crawford on October 10, 2008

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for another or new business to start?  Are you open to considering a new business model?  Are you involved, engaged in, or curious about the information age?

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people. Independent, out side of the box, and ready to go to work. I’ve been an entrepreneur since my early twenties and would have a difficult time doing anything else besides owning my own business.

Information Age Business Ideas.

The information age has made possible new business models that reward you, the entrepreneur. If you currently operate a business that returns less than 30% profitability, your not using an information age business model.

New Business Ideas Provide Options.

I operate a home business from my home office. As I go along more possibilities for new income streams present themselves. For instance, I have a couple websites or blogs online. Over time those websites have gained popularity and more specifically pages in those websites have gained popularity. So one thing I’ve done is look at some of those pages that get a good share of traffic and I look for ways to monetize the page. Is there a product relates to the content? When I find an affiliate product, I add it to the page. Usually it is just a link. Affiliate products have low payout, usually between 30 and 150 dollars but, here’s the thing, it takes five minutes to add the link…. then I just forget about it.

Now some people after reading the last paragraph will say, that sound stupid. I know I did when I first started a new business online. The cool thing is, when it made sense, after I had niche traffic naturally, I did it and get paid.

A No Experience Business to Start.

A common way to start a home businesswith absolutely no experience, no website, or ideas, is a turnkey home business. Here’s the catch though, a turnkey home business is not a guaranteed money machine, in fact there are no guaranteed money machines. If your a successful person or currently an entrepreneur you can have success with a turnkey home business. The upside to a home business is the profit margins. The turnkey home business I operate work with $1,000; $5,000, and $8,000 dollars and there are several residual elements.

While, in my opinion, it would be difficult to earn a six figure income, with that example, It is much more realistic and happen much more regularly with the right turnkey business.

Non Web-based Business.

I have talked mostly about webbased business ideas primarily because this is a website on the Internet. If I were speaking to a group of entrepreneurs I would add several other ideas. Consulting for one, is a lucrative business model if you have specialized knowledge in a field that you love.  A good consultant can command a mid six figure income and that’s a pretty good income. Earning 500k as an employee, or executive is tough, and the opportunities to do it via that route are scarce. Another point worth considering is how difficult it can be to replace a 500k income that is earned through a job. The average job span in America is 3.4 years.

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