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by J.Crawford on October 12, 2008

Finding a successful online business opportunity starts with having a general idea of what your looking to accomplish. When you first face that question you might say, “I want to make money”. While that is a good start, you will need to get a bit more specific.

Here is a neat exercise for finding a successful online business opportunity:

Online Business Exercise.

I’ve always admired that I ————– and this is a talent I would like to use in an online venture. I’ve always enjoyed —— and this is a role I’d like to fill in my business venture. I can realistically invest—— hours per day and will do this consistently until I am successful. I am willing to invest——-dollars to get my online business opportunity off the ground and am willing to spend—— in monthly fixed expenses. I would be most comfortable with a —— business model. I would like to be earning —— per month by my six month in business.

Fill in the blanks on the above scenerio.  I hope the exercise helps.  You will find you have a lot better idea of what your looking for and you will greatly reduce falling victim to mickey mouse business ventures. Many people try this and then try that, and conclude that making a go of it online is impossible. Not true in reality, but true to them none the less.

An successful online network marketing venture.

Network marketing opportunities are by far the most widely available.  If your open to network marketing and would like to operate you network marketing business online, look closely at the systems in place that present the business, market the business and ship product or services. Make sure you not just taking on another job.

Online Business Ideas Are Simple.

A website or blog can be an online business opportunity. Monetized through advertising, product sales, or other creative means. You will need to have a website that works, and you will need traffic. It is recommended industry wide that you stick to a niche that you enjoy and have experience in.

Find a successful online business opportunity has more to do with you, who you are and what your looking to accomplish than it does the opportunity itself. This is the best tip to take to heart when looking for a successful online business.

Online Web Traffic

Much information can be found for free about building a business online. Affiliate marketing, network marketing, advertising, and other online businesses all need traffic. Depending on your budget, getting traffic can be a bit tricky.  Natural search traffic from google is the most coveted and most convertible into dollars. Seo or search engine optimization are key to getting higher rankings in natural search and you should learn what impact this has on your ability to attract targeting visitors to your website. Choosing the right web platform is key, especially if your not a webmaster. I recommend a blog/website. You will get traffic fast and anyone can utilize most blogging platforms. If you require more info or want a specific recommendation get in touch and I can show you what I use, why, and help determine if it is a fit for you. I use a free platform, self hosted, and can write posts that show up on the first page of google in under 2 hours.

The web is to me, an intuitive experience. I’m self taught and this seems the most logical way to approach an online business successfully. Things change so quickly that this is really the only intelligent way to succeed online. Always be learning.

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