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by J.Crawford on September 15, 2008

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Napoleon Hills book “Think and Grow Rich” is on of the first successful books on the “law of attraction” or the “secret” or “new thought”. It is a great book, I own it in several forms myself and have read and refer to it often. Download your free copy of Think and Grow Rich below. Also I’ve include two other ebooks, all in an easy one click download. If you appreciate the free books and want to link to our site Feel free. We love anchor text, think and grow rich works.

Best Book Ever Written?

I came across this think and grow rich video about how the book ” Think and Grow Rich” really came about. I’ve put myself in Napoleans’ shoes and remember times in my life when opportunity was offered me that I thought myself to be unqualified for, but did it any way.  I’d like to remind my readers today that it is rare and unlikely that a person finds themselves uniquely prepared and qualified for the life they most desire.  For the history on ” Think and Grow Rich” you could check out wikepedias information on the book.

Free Napoleon Hill ” Think and Grow Rich Video”.

I almost for got I also have have three more books just for you.

“The Richest Man In Babylon”
“The Way To Wealth”
“Think and Grow Rich”

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Think and Grow richis a great book packed with useful techniques that have worked for millions of people across the world. The single most impactful part I’ve found personally is the idea of a “definate purpose statement”.  Napoleon talks about it in the video. He does not say the word exactly in the video, but you will find them in the book.

I ignored this book for years, didn’t read it.  Countless people told me of its significance, but I thought the title was a bit ridiculous.  Read the book if you haven’t already, you will be glad you did. If you have read the book, what was the single point that stood out to you most?

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I’ve been a student of personal development sense my teenage years when I was introduced to it in athletics.  When you desire, think, or are curious about doing something you’ve never done or doing it at a whole different level, personal development may be the bridge that will get you there.  I operate a lucrative personal development income opportunity that also keeps me on track and consistent in self growth and living on purpose.

Relationships, finance, and self fulfilment are all benefited by quality personal development. I always encourage it. What are some personal development resources and strategies you have found useful recently? Read more on success here.

Have you read Think and Grow Rich? What do you think of it, We love comments. What is the one impactful point you personally got from Think and Grow Rich?