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by J.Crawford on July 28, 2008

Funny Home Business Video or Internet Business Videos From You Tube.

Check out this video it is absolutely hilarious. One of the funniest videos on internet or online business hype. Funny…

I haven’t tried the number yet… If someone calls it tell us what you learn… I’m assuming the message is as funny as the video.

Another Funny Business Video.

Ever call and try to figure out a technical issue or clear up a question with some technology and get a phone operated menu that litteraly makes your fingers bleed.

Funny Business Videos, Notice Humor Plays on Truth.

I talk with people looking for answers about starting a home business and I’ve heard more than once, ” It’s nice to talk with a real person instead of reading sales copy all day long.  While automated systems for making money online can work and do, it is usually short lived.  If your into creating info products, pre-launching, and launching them, then have at automation.

If your marketing a home busines opportunity as I do, don’t rely on auto responders to do all the work for you.  How many times have you had someone get started in a business or buy a product without talking with them on the phone?  How do you get past the lack of the human factor? Share ideas if you like. This is a funny video on technology, customer service and the changing world we live in today.

Funny Video About Baby Using Call CentreClick here for more free videos


Amazing videos August 23, 2010 at 10:52 am

If it were not true it would be funny.

admin December 4, 2009 at 6:47 pm

Thanks for the Story Andrea, and the Poem. Its great you’ve found such a dynamic and people focused entrepreneur to work with, it sounds like a great work experience. We spend so much of our time at work, what a blessing to have it be like you have been able to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing

Andrea Mueller December 3, 2009 at 11:38 am

A Family Business (literally!)

I am on year seven working for David Marquardt, who owns The
Steam Team, a locally owned and operated cleaning and restoration
business in Austin, TX. About three years into my employment, David
started an online retail business, blue sky scrubs, which has grown
leaps and bounds over the past few years. In addition to blue sky
scrubs and The Steam Team, David also operates a construction division
within The Steam Team. And last but not least, a Limited Partnership,
consisting mostly of the properties that The Steam Team and blue sky
scrubs call ‘home.’

Mr. Marquardt is probably the most genuine, generous person I have
ever met. I’m always trying to think of a way to say thank you to him
for being so giving. He is always finding ways to create happy lives
for his employees. The biggest impression he made on me was to
encourage me to finish my degree at UT – an accomplishment that
normally could never have been met by a single mother with a 2 year
old child.

A simple thank you does not seem like enough. After months of
brainstorming, it finally hit me today as I pulled into the
parking lot and looked around…I wrote this poem as a ‘thank you’ to the bossman.

Here is the story, so that you know
Mr. Marquardt runs the show
A group of businesses he does run
He makes our jobs quite a bit of fun

First came The Steam Team
and what they can do
is make anyone’s carpets look new
And then there is business #2
A remodeling and construction crew

About as random as can be
there is business #3
The account for his every property,
we call this company MFLP
Already it’s a little out of the norm
but now I’ll tell you he sells uniforms

Seriously, Oh My Gosh
working for The Steam Team
is David’s brother Josh
Billy, the manager of The Steam Team
hired his mom to keep the office tidy and clean
Our construction guy, his name is Jim
brought his grandson here to work with him

All of that sure sounds great,
so now let’s talk about Austin Day.
We needed help pretty bad,
so Austin suggested we hired his Dad
Austin’s Dad mentioned his other son, Cody
who was perfect to work with Jimmy Boddy

The story, it gets better still!
We just hired a guy
named Mitchell.
Mitch, as we call him, just happens to be
the brother of water tech,
Dennis G.

But wait! There is more…
David also
sells scrubs from the
building next door

blue sky scrubs are sold online
and purchased by the medical type.
The one who created the design
Just happens to be David’s wife.

You think that’s crazy?
Last year, we hired someone
who has never been lazy.
I’m talking about my little sis,
her name is Wendy Griffith

To increase the sales
of the medical attire,
David decided a photographer
he must hire
He asked around for some names
and then he hired
my sister’s husband, James

This story, it is not a lie.
I’m sure you’re thinking
“My, Oh MY!”
David Marquardt,
yes he is
running a genuine
family biz!

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