Genewize Home Based Business Opportunity Review

by J.Crawford on May 3, 2010

I’ve looked at the Genewize home based business opportunityseveral times over the last year or so collecting bits and pieces of the business opportunity and product offerings each time. I’d say the unique offering is the patented technology of Genewize and more specifically the  Genewize DNA based custom vitamins/supplements.  As far as my own research show, there are no other business opportunities out there that offers a DNA based vitamin, you can correct me if I’m wrong… and please do in the comments.

The first thing that stands out to me with this health and wellness affiliate opportunity is the mass appeal and exclusive product offering.  It isn’t often that a business idea comes along that is structured in such a way as to allow a person to start a business part time, build a good income from home and offer the best nutrition product on the market!

Another great concept, even better than offering an exact customized nutritional supplement based on their very one DNA, Genewize makes a way for you to get it, every month, for FREE.  That’s really cool. You can get all the details on genewize right now by getting  in touch via the Contact page.

The Genewize Business Opportunity


Being a home based business guy, interested in all things that make sense to implement in a successful home business I can’t help to take a serious look at genewize. It looks like the Genewize Life Sciences company started and is headquartered in Florida as I see several of the top distributors are located there… again if your aware of something different, let me know.

Genewize Compensation Plan

I’ve only looked at the compensation plan for the genewise home based business opportunity enough to determine if it would work in a home a home based business model…. and it will. The Genewize company is also doing some unique things, I might add, with the compensation plan it appears they are also offering stock options along with some performance based compensation pools.

Another key element the genewise business opportunityis offering is what a top distributor called an “Enroll Four and Pay no More” program where, yep you guessed it, once you enroll 4 customers or affliates who order the DNA based vitamins, you get yours for free…(again correct me if I’m wrong)

How to Start a Genewize Business

The first step to start your own genwize business is to get in touch. You can do that now by visiting the Contact page, (Top Navigation Bar) or go to the bottom of this page and request more information via email. I can show youhow to start a genewize businessand more importantly can help you create a successful home business with Genewize.

Partner With Success!

It’s no secret, I’ve been looking at a couple legitimate business opportunities to offer here at CreateLiberty.Com and Genewise  IS on the short list along with two other right now.  I don’t have an issue with offering two, but I hadn’t considered offering Three.

Another opportunity that is certainly on the “2010 best home business list” is the Trump Network Home Business…. If your new to that, go read the post I wrote the other day called ” What is the Trump Network ” I’ll give you a hint, and probably answer your first question, yes its Donald J.Trump that real estate, apprentice guy, if it weren’t for Will Ferrell & Neil Patel  he’d be “Kind of a Big Deal”

If your more of an expert than myself on the best network marketing opportunities to join and especially compensation plans, I invite you to offer your thoughts on these two companies and which is a better one to join and why. If your so inclined I’ll allow a link back in the comments.

If your looking for a home business opportunitythat will allow you to build a solid income working part time with a very real potential of replacing your current income, you should connect with me and partner with CreateLiberty.Com

I’ve spent the last 4 years or so learning the home business industry inside and out and have had the opportunity to work with some of the top earners in the industry.  Don’t waste your time and efforts on a home based  businessthat doesn’t make the grade…. Launch your home business with the the help of  other successful Internet entrepreneurs and CreateLiberty.Com !!

Get All The Details on The Genewize Opportunity


Visit the Successful Home Business Opportunity  page and get more information on partnering with us Today!

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Tim Scott May 4, 2010 at 5:19 am

I am an experienced Home Business Owner and also offer advice on how to succeed at a home business. My opinion is that there is a vista of variety in home business’ and it is not confined to the likes you have mentioned, so people should focus on starting one that they will be fully in control of.

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