Getting a Website Started Initially: A First Starting Beginning..

by J.Crawford on October 27, 2008

Getting a website started initially can be a bit of a road block. Planning the website and brainstorming on topics the main theme and so on, can be fun. When it is time to actually create the website, many experience their first case of writers block.

I recommend to anyone first starting a website to use a blogging platform. I recommend this initiallyfor several reasons. When your first starting your website you will have a perspective that will surely change. Visitor response will likely change the goal of the beginning aim of the website.

Writing on a blog that is not getting readers is really tough.  Expect to go through a bit of second guessing and questioning in the beginning. When you first start you need to stay focused on your own goal. Know why your starting your website and focus on the result you will enjoy.  Initially you will be motivated by the results you most want to create. Starting a website that will earn you money can be a great motivator.

Initially you should make a commitment to write on page or post every day.  Remember you want around 50 to 100 pages of content before you expect much traffic. So focus on creating good content. It is also important to realize you not the first person to start a website in your niche. Don’t let this bother you. Just because someone else has a website in the same topic, don’t let that stop you.

Find a need and fill it. This is also good advice. Regardless of the number of websites in the your niche, there is an unmet need. Fill It.

When ever I first start a project my goal is to create momentum. When you have momentum on your side, just role with it. Momentum has a way of boosting your confidence when your just getting started with your website.

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Janelle October 28, 2008 at 6:30 pm

I think these are great tips for starting a website. It’s enough information to get a person going but not too much so one who feel overwhelmed. Just start writing!

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