Goals, Prioritizing, and Personal Life Philosophy.

by J.Crawford on August 25, 2008

Having clear priorities, goals, and an achievable specific plan goes a long way when it comes to experiencing success.  In business and in life, it really helps when we have a clear idea of what we want doesn’t it?

I used to find myself being a bit reluctant to state specifically what it was that I wanted. I’m not sure why, maybe you’ve experienced the same thing.  I’m a groovy guy, not in the seventy disco sense, but in the “getting in a groove and continuing in it”, sense…  I notice and it maybe worth noting that when I find myself in a grove I’m usually letting the way I feel determine my actions.

Success and The Possibility of Failure.

…The problem with this is when I’m striving for real change in my lifeI can’t just rely on feeling.  It’s kind of like shooting a bow into the sky compared to nailing a target to a tree.  When we have a taget we introduce the possibility of missing, or failure in a broader sense.

How Do You Have or Be Successful: What is Success?

Success has been defined as measurable progress toward a desired and clearly defined objective. The objective is the target.  Routines are functional, not usually successful. Being successfultakes persistence and consistency, don’t get me wrong.  When I am in the success or achievement mode I carry a different awareness.  Keeping the outcome that I desire in the forefront of my mind allows me to weigh options and make successful decisions based on that objective.

Success is simple when we look at from a distance.  As an entity of its own, success is a science. I think there is even a book by the title, how about that.

Successful Strategy For Living: Personal Life Philosophy.

Having an over arching “personal life philosophy” that is uniquely yours is a great piece of life to add to your journey. It changes, but it remains consistent too, I think they call that innovative.

What’s it all about, in a few short words. It’s different for everyone, but what are some life philosophies you’ve been guided by over the years?

Here’s one from my early twenties. ” People are too uptight, everything is too important to these people. Life is about having fun.  I’d rather have memories with my friends. Spring break, sky diving, fishing, motorcycles, life is about having fun, fun, fun.

My philosophy still has a strong grain of fun woven in. I’ve made room for some other stuff that just didn’t make a lot of sense then. Thank you in advance for your feedback, we appreciate your being here just now.

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