Green Business Ideas: Average People Going Green.

by J.Crawford on September 15, 2008

Green Business Ideas In the News.

Carbon Credits.

I’m was not familiar with the carbon credits idea, how it worked and how it impacted the envirionment. I had heard people were making money with carbon credits but didn’t know how. I recommend the course it is informative and can get a person started in the right direction.

Reading an article earlier today it struck me how easy being environmentally friendly is when it makes sense to an individual and more importantly when it makes “economic” sense to a person. The article isn’t rocket science just a simple idea that many Americans are pursuing.

Green Business Ideas.

When people think green business ideas they usually think envirionment, but what about green as in greens?  Growing hydroponic vegetable is a green business idea that is building momentum in the US and around the world.  Another story about a couple with a bed and breakfast and the money sense to cultivate a green mortgage for their business, learn more in this green mortgage article.

I’ve even read and article on green fashionand speculation as to whether or not it is sustainable.  Every  now and again I have to pinch myself as the headlines I read conjure up curiosity and imagery in my mind. But really it is a growing trend, green fashion is becoming big business and a popular green business trend.

Green Home Business Ideas.

Green home business ideasare also speckled about the Internet, newspaper, and Eco magazines today.  Home based business ideas are green my design as they typically reduce or eliminate any commute along with many of the supplies and expenses that come with traditional business ideas.

Oh, and how about doubling, even tripleing your GAS MILEAGE ? That got your attention didn’t it, for a revolutionary way to make your car run on half water and half gas? Can you believe that? This is just out or hand. I’ve done some research online about it and it seems to be an accepted idea. For more info, right this way.

Another approach on green is the environment we work in.  I operate a home business idea in personal development.  Self growth, self help, what ever you refer to it as is a great business in that it magnifies self growth on a personal level as you help others.  It is a paperless business and home based.

Green concepts both on the business front and the home front, from do it yourself alternative energy to recycled paper pumps, green is here to stay.