High Income Business Opportunity 2009 and Beyond.

by J.Crawford on October 18, 2008

High Income Business Opportunity….

What’s high income? Well for my little post here it’s not 5 million a year. It’s more in the 100k plus range. More specifically an opportunity that with 3-5 years time you can build into a mid six figure incomerealistically if your ambitious and have a good reason that drives you.

High Income Small Business Ideas

Turnkey business opportunities can often be overlooked by people looking to break the 250k mark. The wide spread marketing and “supposed” mass appeal can tend to turn high income seekers off. Some may assume a high income opportunity is going to “hidden” or it would have to be the “perfect” situation.


People take a minimal investment, sometimes under 10k, and turn it into hundreds of thousands of dollars, in less than a year in the turnkey business industry ever year. The top income earner, for example, last month in our business earned over 180k last month. That was her 11th month in the business. Top direct sales jobs online are many time business opportunities or affialiate opportunities.

High incomes are being earned right now even in an economy that has millions loosing their shirts. You see and hear things like simple system and step by step and wonder if its true. I know I did.

Digging Deeper is great advice when attempting to understand and separate the hype from the facts. There is a saying ” Where there is smoke there is fire” and it holds true with these high income business opportunities. So how do you cut through the smoke and mirrors?

Its Simple really. Dig until you find a company, usually the parent company, that has a products or services that they produce, ship, and stand behind. If the products have a good market and the compensation planis in plain English, then you have likely found a possibility. Investigate it further.

Remember. Your not the expert in the specific industry. The opportunity will give you figures and facts of the particular industry, check them out yourself.

Another tip. When your evaluating a high income potential business opportunity, make sure someone is there to help you. Not just in the beginning either. Also make sure the compensation plan is capable of generating the kind of income your after.  Have a plan.

No Selling Income Opportunity

One idea that is popular and you have probably seen advertised is ” no selling”… While it sounds goofy, especially when your looking at a direct sales company, our business uses a system where you really don’t do the selling. Sure you connect with potential clients and customers and they will judge the opportunity based on that but you don’t do the selling or explaining.

One of the up sides to a turnkey business opportunity is that you can have results right out of the gate whether your a great salesperson or not. This is key if building a sales team of your own is on the table. Many “turnkey income opportunities” are really nothing more that large margin affiliate programs.

When you think high income, think about direct sales (one of the highest paid industries) and a leveraged incomefrom a salesforce you build. It starts to make more sense.

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