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by J.Crawford on March 20, 2010

I often get asked how I make money online when I tell people about my home based business, it is the next logical question I suppose. I mean friend asks what I’ve been up to and I answer, ” I’m doing some stuff to make money online”….

Oh?… Like what?…. Is usually how the conversation goes. It’s funny, I can say I make websites, which is true in a sense. Or I could say I’m a web publisher, which is also true in a sense, but seems a bit professional for my taste.  Do you see what I mean?  And the thing is when I tell them how I make money I get kind of a confused look accompanied by a slow head nod. So like I said in a previous post I’m going to start telling people I sell coffee, give them a card and provide the state of Michigan gourmet coffee.

Most successful small business ideas or start ups are common in a few general ways and starting a home based business or making money online is really no different. If your going to have a money making home based business you have to get a few things right to be a successful entrepreneur:

  • Add Value to the Marketplace.
  • Offer an in Demand Product People Will Pay For.
  • Create a Loyal Following.

That’s about as simple as it gets, of course getting these three things right and building a successful small business is far from easy.  Simple and easy  are two different things. The nice thing about starting a new business online today is the wealth of information available and the number of successful and profitable small business start ups you can pull knowledge from. One of the things I offer on a limited basis is online start up consulting, go to the contact page if you have questions, I answer them from there.  Wading through this wealth of information online is almost as bad as not having access to it. Its kind of like a man dying of thirst being dropped from and airplane into a salty ocean… Know what I mean?

Making money online is just like making money off line with a few twists in the “how” of it.  The basics are the same.  I’ve shared and continue to share why I love the home based business model and use it today in every business venture I get involved with.  I have and will consider a more traditional business model if it makes sense. 

How I Make Money Online With My Business

My success story is not shocking or all that exciting.  My success online has been rather quiet, and I’m fine with that.  I had a good and loud business before I started my new business online and frankly, I had my fill.

There are only a few ways that I make money online, I’ll list them and then talk about the basic way I have been able to earn money by implementing them. The exact ways I have made money online are:

  • Selling Ad Space
  • Adwords Adsense
  • Consulting
  • Marketing a Turnkey Home Based Business
  • Writing Posts
  • Twitter
  • Affiliate Marketing

Make Money By Selling Ad Space

One of the best home based business ideas is to build a loyal following to a website and then sell ad space.  Obviously your loyal following is the value you offer and get paid for.  If you intend to make money online selling ad space on you website or blog the pick you loyal following or “targeted audience” accordingly.  Check into the commercial value of the audience you intend to create.

Making Money With Adsense

Adsense is another form of selling ad space and very passive way to go about the whole thing. You can learn more about it by visiting googles adsense blog.  I have a few sites that do well with this method of monetization one example is my making money ideas website.

Making Money With Consulting

One of the new business ideas I’ve been able to earn money online with consulting.  I know more than most people about some things, just like you.  The things I know about have some commercial value, that is they can help people make more money either directly or indirectly.  Many small business owners are trying to use the Internet to improve their business, get more clients, or start a new business and learning how this is done is expensive.  By hiring someone to show you the ropes, you save a ton of cash and a ton of time so I offer consulting on SEO, starting a business online, and other stuff. I’m an entrepreneur and enjoy talking with other entrepreneurs about their business, we are a unique breed and have really cool conversations. It’s fun and I can earn some money doing it.

Money Making Home Based Business Ideas

What originally got me started into making money online, home based business and learning about how to start a small business on the Internet was marketing an easy to start turnkey home based business.  I learned a TON from this experience, didn’t make a lot of money, but learned a ton about Internet marketing, online commerce, websites, pay per click, lead generation and many other things.  I’m currently putting together a group of entrepreneurs who want to create another income stream online. Visit the successful home business  page and get some details, if your interested fill out the form.

Writing to Make Money

I’ve made some money of writing post for people, not a ton, but it is consistent.  I do a few every month.  I post some of them here on this blog and some on others in my small network. I could write many more and maybe I will at some point. The best business to start or the best way to make money from your business is  to do the things that work and the things you enjoy, hopefully you can find a few where both are true.

Make Money With Twitter

I’ve also made some money with twitter. I suspect twitter will become a decent revenue stream for my work at home online business in the future. I have made very little with twitter, but continue to build a following and learn how to use it to my advantage.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been a challenge for me. It seems space is always an issue on a website and affiliate marketing is always taking a back seat on my websites. I make a few hundred dollars a month with affiliate marketing and will likely continue to increase this over time.  Making money online with affiliate marketing is one of the most populars ways to create income with a website and many home based businesses use the affiliate marketing business model to earn a large portion of their income. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting or referring a visitor to someone Else’s product or service and getting paid a commission. It is pretty straight forward.

What do you think is the best business to start for a beginner? What are some of the ways you have made money online?  Are you planning on starting a small business from home this year?  If you have questions the comment section is a great place to get them answered.


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Melva December 18, 2010 at 8:58 am

I like the detail that was put into this post. It has given me some ideas to addto my list of ways to make money online. I would like to may write content for others.

Thank you for the information
Melva´s last blog post ..Startup Business Idea Importing to Your Own Country

admin April 15, 2010 at 6:07 pm

Thanks for the kind words Lucian, If your consistent and persist, the “online space” isn’t all that difficult. Especially if you look at it as a worthwhile 3 year project. You’ll start getting results around month 4.

Lucian April 15, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I totally agree with Melva here, a very straightforward, and pleasant post,I may add, just like generally all of of them.
It’s good to find at least some rare ‘points’ in the massive space of the web, where one can find some cocatenated thoughts and material, expresing good ideas for a great category of people, and giving a good way to start, in a not so rather easy ‘space’, of the online business.
Well, just wanted to say thanks. :)

Melva April 6, 2010 at 11:46 am

This is a very straightforward post and I appreciate that. When I read many blogs about how it make money online they do not get specific, and many readers, like me need that.
.-= Melva´s last blog ..Home Party Sales Companies Offer Good Full time and Part time Income =-.

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