Home Based Business How to Start.

by J.Crawford on December 14, 2008

No, this is not another keyword stuffing, intelligence insulting “how to” article on doing something that can’t be remotely explained in the context of a blog post. And if your here looking for a coveted back-link on a keyword relevant and informative and high traffic post… Just relax and comment the post. We do blog roll exchanges and will reciprocate. We track EVERY link that points to the site. The easiest way is by commenting on the blog. I visit my comments on this blog, its the only blog or website I own that I follow this process religiously. Enough of that… I want to shed some light on starting a home based business. Its my light, my experience, it is knowledge. My home based business knowledge is what  I know, not what I think or my opinion….it does not mean I won’t know something different next week, because I will.  The best place to learn about online business or home based business is, you guessed it online.  This post is not meant to teach you “how to” technical info. Its meant to share my “what really happens along the way” info.  You can learn every thing you need very quickly when you know why you want to learn… More on that latter. (the good stuff is down there)  The Internet is really an amazing resource, the most amazing of our time.  And that is where I have learned the “how to” nuances of home based business. Just to clarify, when I say home based business, I’m not talking about a contracting business, or a home cleaning business, I’m talking about connecting… with yourself, other people and your purpose a business that is intuitive and evolving, much like myself, and maybe you too…. Let me explain.

Two years ago, I paid someone to check my email…. and pay my bills…. and send my daughter flowers for her birthday, and check with my travel agent on a trip coming up. It isn’t that I didn’t know how todo these things or that I was Incredibly important or rich…. I was kinda dump really, maybe even a bit schmuck-ish. I was looking for an experience, a feeling…. something that was always there. I did all kinds of goofy things, said things I didn’t mean, bought things I didn’t want, and did things I wouldn’t do today. It was like an unquenchable desire for more, a itch of sorts that could almost reach, and if I contorted just a bit more I could finally be satisfied…. So on I went with unattached, and sometimes silly actions in my business and life….About two years ago, I realised why.

That is more “what this post is all about”.  Entrepreneurship and the home based business industry are more than picking the best cms platform to start a home based business or the best auto-responder or the best home based business opportunity to start this week. It about thinking from the end. Its about being real, the best we can as we can. Thinking from the END…

As a philosophical end the statement is over used, unclear and, well USELESS. Here is what it means now after fumbling, and struggling with this idea that I saw repeated over and over. I saw it in Maxwell’s books, in Napoleon Hills books, in the Magic of Thinking Big, and, really I could go on and on. Thinking from the end:

  1. Let go of your ego, your logical mind and the attachments you have to pleasing others.
  2. Ask, what do I want…. and wait for an answer you don’t understand.
  3. If you could be anyone, who would you be…AND why?
  4. If your fed up with a situation, relationship, business, client, or outlook, look for the one you want….But first, Get clear on the one you want. This is magic. When you know what you want, you start to see it.. your relationship may not physically change but you will look for and, as the observer, affect the observed. (passively) Do the Clarity by contrast exercise in Micheal Lousier book. The Law of Attraction. Google it.
  5. Do the “my perfect day exercise” ( write a short story that starts with “my name is… and today I…”.
  6. What you want in life is likely to be different from what your mom or best friend want for you in your life. Its not there fault. When someone says they want the best for you, they are clueless… more so than you. Many people will be scared shit less to learn of what they want in life.  Many people will be to cowardly to look. You don’t have to you know, but you can.
  7. This might seem like a hell of route to take in finding a home based business or learn about how to start one. For me starting a business is really an opportunity for a new beginning. A new you. A business start up, is an opportunity to experience your best self anew. Here are some things I’ve learned about starting a business… This will make more sense, I promise.
  8. The business you start will not look anything like the business you have in five years. Your not buying shoes.

If you take the points above seriously and talk,learn,and visualise on your findings your business will take the perfect shape that is required to produce the life you most desire. And that is the function of a business. ( do you agree?)

A business is alive and intuition is more reliable than a plan. Start with a plan. Its like a map to the end goal, but get this, you won’t find roads on the map, sometimes, not so much as a trail. You may find that you may journey through swamps from time to time, remember its not about you and your ego, its about the end, that thing you think about everyday.

One of the most difficult things is knowing when you have become successful in business. Success in the end, the minute before “you arrive” will be you realising that your already where you want to be. Nothing you will need is missing now, every thing is already here. Possession is not always necessary and this really trips people up.

So here is a summary of my philosophical take on starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur and becoming comfortable with the entrepreneurial spirit that rests in us, certainly anyone who has hung on this long…..

  • Know What You Want.
  • See Yourself Being It.
  • Commit to Success.
  • Use a Plan Until You Realise Your The Plan.
  • Help Others. 

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