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by J.Crawford on April 27, 2009

Generating home based business leads has been on of the most difficult challenges I faced.  Wether you need mlm leads or network marketing opportunity leads the process when you are completely new is overwhelming.  I don’t actively promote a primary network marketing business or home business opportunity today, I do have a profitable home business I operate online but not through those business models.  One of things I write alot about is generating leads and general success in starting an growing a home business that actually makes money.

I recently found a system, that is probably the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to generate GOOD leads for a home business or network marketing opportunity. I want to share it with you. Like I said is simple AND it will actually make you money.  If you have a web presence currently (even a small one) it can earn a couple hundred bucks a day and do it quickly. If your frustrated about growing a business opportunity because of lack of leads or you just want to make some money daily, check this out.

Generating your own leads for a home based small business has to be a mid term to long term objective if you plan to build a successful home business.  Home based business leadscan range in cost from $1.00 to $15.oo and up depending on the type of lead your looking for.  The choice to buy home based business opportunity leads is a big one and most successful business opportunity marketers end up buying leads online.

I have bought a few hundred, maybe a thousand, leads over the course of my online business adventures.  For me, advertising business opportunityhighlights to generate leads produced mediocre results at best, but I did it.  My approach at first was to visit some of the top sites that came up in the Search Engines and find the ones that would allow advertising for business opportunities.  Purchasing links and posting banner ads is probably the first step in most home business leads seekers journey.  I can say I’m glad my feet weren’t on that step for long.

Affordable home based business leads can be obtained…. It takes time…. a couple years really.  I mean, to generate a hundred or so home business leads each month your going to have to have some time pass between when you develop a plan and when you actually start generating leads.

A couple things I did to generate affordable leads for a home based business were:

  1. Purchase print advertising in 20k to 150k circulation papers. (those around large cities, stay out of the big papers.)
  2. Post ads on craigslist and route visitors to you site.
  3. Purchase ad space on the top home business websites and blogs.
  4. Bandit signs work too if you have more time than money.

One of the best things I ever did to generate leads for my home based business was to start a blog.  Yeah…. a blog.  This website, which is a source of steady income for me today was a lead capture page at one point… Not a real good one, I might add.

In order to get traffic to this home business website I started a couple blogs on free blogging platforms.  Using blogs to generate leads for a home based business is a smart idea, its not a “right now idea”, but it is smart, here’s why…

  • You can add new content to the blog. (search engines like new content.)
  • You have complete control over your blog.
  • As you become better at Internet marketing and lead generation you can make changes easily.

Free blogging platforms are free, kind of a no brain er, but did I mention they are free?  One lead generated on a free blog is one lead you don’t have to buy.

Affordable Home Business Leads

Looking for affordable home business leads? A while back I offered exclusive rights to four of my top sites to someone who was serious about generating leads.  To be honest I didn’t have a whole lot of response.  I figure, when I was looking to generate affordable leads for a home based business I would have loved to have exclusive rights to a high traffic and popular site, maybe I didn’t leave the offer up long enough? Dunno… Get in touch if your looking to generate some leads.

Advertising a Business Opportunity

Business opportunity advertising is what it is, here is what I learned: Over time you will find places to advertise that pull leads, as you continue you will refine your marketing efforts and will generate leads for less money, that’s how it works.  I was generating around 100 leads a month at one point and had long since quit purchasing leads for my business opportunity.  Lets face it, business opportunity leads are freaking expensive!  Doesn’t matter to me if you have a huge ROI, why not be developing a resource that will allow you to increase profitability over the long haul?  Probably a rhetorical question, outsourcing lead generation is how the big dogs make their money.  I worked with many people who had five figure marketing budgets and their home based business leadsvendors took care of them.  Doing what you do best is a big part of success and mastering every facet of a successful home based small business takes a while, maybe even to long to be worth it really.

I’ve never been in the business of selling leadsbut I still think it would be a win-win to allow someone to but their contact form or lead generation form on my sites for a set fee.  If your interested and you’ve already tried business-opportunity. com , entrepreneur .com and Alberta Rose. com and the list goes on, then get in touch.  This is a website all about home based business ideas and having exclusive rights to actually putting your sign up form here and on my other sites is, in my opinion, is one that would probably change you business, what do you think?

I just think the problem with most home business advertising opportunities is that you kinda get lost in the shuffle, people are overwhelmed with all the business opportunities online.

Oh, a point I forgot to mention, don’t do SEO work on a domain that is an extension, own your domain.  I own this domain, I do a lot and have done a lot of work to increase traffic to this site and that would all be wasted if I didn’t own it.  I have other small business idea blogs that are on free platforms and yes I did work but that helps me here.

You have some experience with home based business leads?  What have you done to generate your own leads or what are some lead vendors you have had good success with?

If your interested in that web form offer, find a contact form on this site and let me know.

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