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by J.Crawford on July 23, 2008

Getting a Website For a Home Based Business Venture.

I have just finished re-working my home based business website. I’ve converted to a wordpress blog.  A wordpress site gives me a lot more control over managing my website.

I was always asking myself is wordpress better than blogger?

My answer, Yep.

This site is one of the key elements to my online marketing.  I attract vistors mostly from search engines, which is free, and they are usually more targeted to.  It’s been pain getting everything set up but the site is now online and usable.  Any comments or questions about building a home based business website are welcomed.

Getting a website does not have to be a difficult thing and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  I use mostly free tools online and it keeps my marketing cost low and profits high.  plus I enjoy writing, configuring and updating my own site.

I really like blog type sites for my home business marketing and resourses here is another option for a home based business website.

Everyone has there school of thought on websites and website creation. Here is mine.

The best website for a home business.

{According to Joe}

If I don’t have control over my website, it’s content, it’s look and feel, incoming and outgoinglinks, and the basic layout then I don’t own it.  In my view a website is an asset.

I like natural search traffic. 90% of the traffic that visits my sites comes via the search engines. Why do I like natural search?  Well, one of the objectives for my site is to generate leads, or people who are genuinely interested in starting a home based business.  I feel the caliber of people who find the site via the search engine are a more intelligent motivated person.  Since I’m not magic, I need to talk with sincere people who are actively searching for a home business that works.  Adwords is another method that many people on my team use and it work too.  I am not the type to click on a google ad because of a crazy headline, and I want to connect with people who feel the same way.

I’ve used blogger to create sites, they work great.  WordPress just gives me more options and I like that in a website.  I also like not having the “blogspot” in my url.

I’ve recently uploaded a new theme on this blog its the Thesis theme. Its taken me a big to get used to but I’m liking it more and more all the time. Quality cms platforms such as wordpress are a tremendous help in creating a quality site for generating home business leads. I’m interested still in creating effective squeeze pages that will work with wordpress, any suggestions?

If you have a home business idea or a business opportunity you would like to tell us about let me know in the comments.

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