Home Based Making Money Ideas For Work at Home Entrepreneurs

by J.Crawford on June 17, 2010

Home based making money ideas typically fall into a few categories but most require a sense of independent motivation and entrepreneur type thinking to really make them worthwhile.  Home based business ideas come in two forms when it comes right down to it, they are either your own or someone Else’s, pretty simple.  One of the common themes you’ll bump into with other peoples ideas for making money from home is a sense of  “this will be easy”….

Usually it’s not, no surprise, but here is why most ways to make money that are presented by others are not easy.  When you start something, whatever it might be with the thinking that it will be easy, then it’s not, what happens?  Right, it isn’t good, typically you’ll feel like you made a mistake or even that you’ve been duped.  Keep this in mind though before you go passing  judgement and moving onto another home business idea:  When you’ve done the required work to create the results your after, is maintaining and continuing to earn money consistently over the long term “easy”.  When you use this as the barometer for assessing your business idea you’ll come up with a different answer than if you are to look only at the short term.

In other words, even if it is difficult to create an income upfront and it takes a ton of work you may still be further ahead for few good reasons:

Number one:  This learning curve or difficulty level will likely turn into an asset and ward off competition by the sheer idea of attrition, people will quit!  This is only an asset if you don’t.  I know this idea isn’t anything new it’s called persistence and it pays, always has.  Most people in the beginning just lack belief that a certain idea or method of making money will work or is even possible.  Even a little doubt can really mess things up.  In my experience part of success and being an entrepreneur is being able to continue when most others quit.  This one quality is paramount to any other and I challenge anyone to prove different.

Top Home Based Money Making Ideas

When it comes down to the top ways to make money from home it is usually about resources available to you and the risk your willing to take with those resources.  The main resources are obviously time and money.  Some of the ways to make money from home that cost more are home business franchise ideas or even starting a traditional service type business from your home office.  Down a step further in both time and money commitment would be business opportunities which will usually also require a sufficient amount of start up capital and a daily time commitment.  Home based business opportunities traditionally allow for  a much more flexible time commitment and can usually be started on the side, which makes them a very popular home based money making idea for people who want to keep their day job.

Next in terms of both time and money commitment would be direct sales type opportunities and network marketing opportunities.  A good average start up cost to get one of the home based income ideas rolling would be around $500 to $1,000 some being more some being considerably less. It all depends on the opportunity and there are a lot of them.

As far as flexibility goes I’d say these are also one of the most successful business ideas to start as you can operate almost exclusively on your own time.

The final popular way I’ll share today to make money by working at home is to start your own business with your own idea. You’ll either need a product or service and the opportunities are really endless.  As with any good business idea that makes money consistently for a long time, it must add value to the marketplace.  So find a need and fill it in a creative way that also is profitable and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

Share Your Best Business Ideas

Got any other great business ideas that work well for making money at home?  Feel free to share your ideas, questions and comments in the comments section below, also if you’ve found this article interesting and useful consider sharing it on your favorite social network below.

Remember the best home based business ideas to start are the ones that you feel inspired and motivated to put forth the required effort and to be on the safe side, just double the perceived effort you have at the outset.


Work From Home Gems July 2, 2010 at 1:34 pm


Thank you for an excellent article on Home Based Business Ideas. You have given a very insightful overview on the importance of attitudes and expectations which I find very informative.

Anyone thinking of working from home would do well to read this article to get a realistic feel for what it takes to achieve success even for the best home business ideas.


Mal Tindle
Work From Home Gems

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