Home Business Ideas For Average Folks

by J.Crawford on May 19, 2009

I write mostly about home business ideas on this small business blog and this title came to mind earlier.  Home based business ideas that work for average people multiply daily, you may already know this if you been researching business ideas online.

So whats average anyway?

Well, I’d say average people have a job they dedicate a good amount of time to.  They have a decent place to live and reliable car to drive.  Statistics say the average person in the U.S. earns around 36k and works around 50.3 hours per week.

I guess another name for this post could have been home business ideas for people who have a real job or business ideas for employees or business ideas for people looking to earn 10k to 20k more per year without sacrificing every waking hour.

Here’s the deal, or proposition, if you will.  Why don’t you start a blog that integrates what you do for a living, what you would like to do for a living and what your doing to get there.  Another good point: GOOD POINT: If you were a blogger and did the work to gain credibility and a following on your blog don’t you think it might open some doors the next time you were looking for a job?  Think maybe you would even get offers? Probably…

I’m not saying that blogging in and of itself is a great home based business idea or a profitable one, though it could be, I’m saying its a start.  I love the idea of momentum when it comes to business and creating a successful business idea.  Just doing anything leads to something and sometimes something leads to significance. You agree?

Successful home businesses are not all that complicated and depending on your income goals a blog might be a great way to get started.  If your not into committing to a full fledged business, try committing to a small business blog about your area of expertise.

Another great area I write about from time to time is personal development.  Actually personal development was the key to me starting this blog.  I get thousands of visitors every month to this little small business blog and I just basically write my ideas about small business and success.

I earn money with my blog a couple different ways out or dozens of ways to earn money online.  I do some advertising sales, lead generation, and a couple other little things, oh and some affiliate product sales. 

For instance, right now I’m working on connecting with someone or a company that is interested in generating leads online.   I’ll find someone who is serious about generating leads for a business opportunity, a small business product or something of that sort and offer a marketing opportunity to them. Not sure what that will earn but I think adding contact forms to a few of my sites and generating a hundred or so leads a month is worth a nice little chunk of change. Its a rewarding home based business idea.

Average people are earning money online doing dozens of things from selling stuff on eBay to starting SEO consulting companies.  Web design is a great home business ideas you could start locally and expand later using the Internet.

Successful small business ideas are a vehicle, driven by a success minded person.  I really think success minded people become successful people. Its and intentional thing…. I think…

I think it can happen almost on accident if you have a genuine passion for the business your in, but sometimes its gonna take the will to persist and be consist and through slow or difficult times.  I think  a good business idea is the one that gets you excited and keeps you up at night.

Smart business ideas are all around us I think and they are often connected already to the live we are living.  I think people sometimes overlook the most obvious choices for a good small business start up.  I see a lot of “me too” businesses and entrepreneurs looking to tap into an existing market by competing on price alone.  Commoditization of just about every service and product driven business is possible and this mindset only ensures its early arrive.

What are your thoughts on home business, starting a business, or earning money by bloggging?

Don’t be average in your business idea or your approach, try authentic, people really love it, they buy it.


Jonathan August 14, 2009 at 10:45 am

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Hope that help.

admin June 10, 2009 at 2:27 pm

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