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by J.Crawford on March 17, 2010

Successful work at home business ideas can be really simple concepts that you may be surprised to find actually make a good amount of money. One of the problems or unproductive ideas I had when I first tried starting a business from home was being consumed with landing the big fish. I wanted 10k plus a month and wasn’t really interested in a business opportunity earning under 100k. I don’t know why I had this attitude, I have business experience and know that big financial results don’t just happen over night. But I still thought I could start a business from home for under 10k in initial investment and be making six figures within six months. Don’t get me wrong, these things happen from time to time but what I found much more achievable and actually worth it is to find a good business idea and the revenue build in a normal time frame.  That’s probably what will happen anyway.

One of the top home business benefits is the low amount of start up capital and overhead they require.  From my experience being patient with a business online is the smart approach.  Looking back I feel like I wasted several thousand dollars trying to speed results in the beginning, and I wouldn’t do it again.

Starting a home based business using the Internet was the approach I decided to take and this was a completely new concept to me.  I like the idea because I felt like there were many scalable attributes to the web and I wanted a way to consistently earn more without increasing overhead, expenses and having to hire employees.  I had the experience of earning millions in a traditional business only to see the lion share go to expenses I just couldn’t seem to eliminate, ever been there?  It wasn’t fun, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t to that again.  In some ways that business venture made me go to the other extreme.  Basically at this point I wanted an at home business that I could start with very low capital, under $1k, and I wanted little or now expenses, you know the kind you have to pay every month.

Good Home Business Idea for a Beginner

There are turnkey business opportunities you can start from home, you can find them online, they don’t cost much to start and in many ways they make it a lot easier to learn and understand how to make money on the Internet.  I had a hard time understanding how the ” business opportunities ” worked and how the earned income every month. 

When I was just beginning I looked at a lot of new network marketing type companies, I say new because they were marketed in a different way.  The “direct sales” business model was a whole new concept to me and most of the home based business opportunities I evaluated were of the direct sales type.

I did end up starting on of these and I think it was a good home business idea for a beginner, I’ve learned a ton.  I generated some significant revenue too, about 25 thousand dollars, but I didn’t actually profit at all from this revenue and that was a big downer.  I understood how the business model worked and I new what I had to do to get paid.  But it all got real when I realise that my “advisor” or “sponsor” just made a heap of cash and I got zilch… Boo Hoo, right?

No, really it was a great experience and I had one of those moments when I said you know, this could be a very successful business model if just a few tweaks were made.  One tweak would be to make sure that the compensation model got a beginner paid faster.   Lets face it we all like getting paid and a successful home business idea for a beginner should get the new person paid as soon as possible.  Not only does it get the business in the black faster, the new person can actually see how the process works from start to finish.  I have had a lot of money get direct deposited into my account in the last 12 months, but during the first twelve months when I first started my online business, I didn’t.

To be honest, it was hard for me to believe that money would just show up in my account one day for things I was doing three months ago.  I was used to doing something, providing a service, and getting paid.  It was different for me with my home based business.  My first income from my websites was from advertising income and it took a long time for that to amount to anything.  I’m glad I stuck with it though, and the advice I’d give anyone who is thinking about starting a small business idea online, is to stick with it.

Persistence goes a long way to creating a profitable home business you can count on to generated income month after month.  Business ideas come and go and it is great to be able to implement new ideas, the income from my home business lets me do that more and more.

Right now I’m looking at a couple business models that improve on the first business opportunity I started.  I have a two I’m interested in and will likely start one some time this summer.  If you are evaluating businesses and are looking for a legitimate home business idea that you can start in next while, go fill out the form on the successful home business page.  You can learn more about me, what I do and what I look for in a profitable business venture.

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