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by J.Crawford on December 19, 2008

As many of you know I’m always looking for smart home business ideas or small business ideas operated from a mobile platform or a home office.  Anyway, I came across a unique find while visiting the folks at www.GetEntreneurial.com today. It’s actually a PDF, an E-Book of something like… 300 and some unique business ideas from around the world. I believe these are the business ideas that their main site highlighted during 2007, you’ll have to check.  I visit the site frequently and they always seem to have the newest home business ideas and business start ups.

Most of the home business ideas you see advertised online are “prepackaged” home based business

Bright Ideas, Bright Business Ideas.

Bright Ideas, Bright Business Ideas.

opportunities.  The ones in this free book are not. They are entrepreneurial originals that people put together and launched.  From niche fashion business ideas to online business ideas, they vary widely.  With new business ideas literally giving birth to thousands of start up businesses a day, a person could probably make it a full time job seeking out the most notable ones.

Well enough from me, go ahead and down load or read a copy of this top business ideas book.  A better idea would be to save a copy, so you can read it whenever you like. (145 pages of business start up ideas, from online business ideas to pet businesses, you name it, they are all new business ideas that people just like you decided to bring to life!

Click—> Here <— to Down Load or View the Book.

We always appreciate comments…Tell us about the home business ideas that you find interesting!!

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Anthony December 23, 2008 at 7:39 am

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