How Do People Make Money Online:Small Business Online.

by J.Crawford on December 3, 2008

Fast packaged “make money online” programs paint a picture of quick simple, any dummy could do it, magic business in a box solutions. Whats with it? Any substance, or is it all a bunch of BUNK?

I use the same Internet you do and I’ve been just as intrigued, skeptical, hopeful and offended as you likely have. Here’s my take after starting from scratch, creating a few income streams, starting a home business (the turnkey type), and watching many of these “make money online programs” run their course.

How People Make Money Online

Common False Assumptions.

  • Others make money why not you?
  • Making money online is different than making money offline.
  • Working with a top earner is a guarantee.
  • I can succeed with this program because I have a unique “angle”
  • Making money is easy.
  • There are tricks, gimmicks and secrets that create huge incomes online.
  • If you do what the other person does (exactly) you can’t fail.
  • All money making programs are scams.
  • The people who make multi- six figure income are liars, cheats and con-men.
  • The most important aspect of making a great income is working hard.
  • All these money programs are scams.
  • All these money programs work, people just haven’t discovered them yet.
  • Getting paid, earning money, and succeeding online is the point. What ever it takes.
  • Quitting a job is a good reason to start a business.
  • Immediate financial need is a good reason to start a business.
  • Starting a business online is easier than offline.
  • Small business online is different than starting one offline.

These “one liners” or what I call, false assumptions, are just that, false. Coming up with these ” common sense facts ” make failure in business more likely and can only insure comfort until the very end. Good home business ideas are more about the entrepreneur than the ideas itself.

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, maybe THINKING is a valuable approach to making decisions… Period. I find we often times, when researching anything new or contemplating a change of any kind, attempt to draw on common sense ideas we have neatly filed in our brains. Recordings of our past experiences and the prejudices that those experiences create may not be the best place to determine a successful course of attack. Think for yourself and think “new” if your wanting to create something new.

‘If you want something you’ve never had you need to do something you’ve never done”  Author. Forgot.

So whats that mean. Well all those “assumptions” up there can be true, and can be untrue. The fact that we make listen to assumption rather than evaluating the idea itself is where the fault lies.

Ignorance is the surest way to keep a life from moving forward. We all agree that complacency is illusion. We are always changing. Moving toward something or away from something.

“You Get Better or You Get Worse”  Bo Schembechler. Michigan Wolverines

Creating a successful business online and using the Internet as a tool to increase result and and create success all over the globe is and exercise in intention. Starting with a personal intention of what it is your wanting to create then setting out for the pieces that will ultimately create the reality you looking for is likened to putting together a puzzle.

It becomes clear, when you have the goal in mind, whether or not the pieces fit. We don’t have to have anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. Just listen to yourself. Having an open, opinionated mind is like an amplifier to the quiet wisdom that comes from an intentional mind.

Lots of noise. There is really a ton of noise. If your like me, you block out 99% of the noise you hear online and offline. When your working from a place of intention it becomes possible to block out the noise that just does not serve your purpose or intent.

Top Money Making Idea Online

Another idea that many people understand who have created a life by design. I mean regular people who have life A, and decide they are committed to creating life B. I’m talking jump the tracks type decisions. Out of the box big thinkers, or fed up freedom seekers, call them what you want. These people understand that desiring, and creating an uncommon life, will not be done using a common approach.

Maybe at the end of the day, you can do what ever you want to do? Remember hearing that when you were young? Problem is most people deep down inside know they are powerful enough to do anything, if someone would just tell them “What” to do. Try taking 100% personal responsibility and put that last piece of the puzzle in place.  Its up to you to come up with the What. What is the what? Its the end product. Forget, for a minute about all the “hows”, the practicalities of the situation. Ask yourself, What do I want my life to look like. How do I want to feel? What will that take? Specifically.

Working from the end in mind will empower you to arrive at the end destination. It won’t guarantee it though, sorry. The only thing that will insure you success is you. Yes you have that much power. Circumstances are uncertain, not to be relied upon. Rely on yourself. Your all you’ve got, an that doesn’t need to be scary. If your accountable to your success, then your always in the game. Which is a big part of success in business and beyond.

So How do people make money online. How Do people find success in a small business online?

  1. They know what they want, and have a clear picture of the end result in mind and in writing.
  2. They know the Internet offers a powerful platform for various activities. They know its a tool.
  3. They are clear on goals, committed, consistent, persistent and don’t quit until they succeed. No magic there, huh?

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