How to Create My Own Online Business:

by J.Crawford on October 10, 2008

Congratulations and welcome to the information age… Relax, I know your just getting started, you don’t know much, and that IS the key to create your own successful online business.

Creating Your Own Business Online.

You see the information age is different in many aspects compared to traditional business models. As you see traditional businesses and the products they offer become commodities, you will also see solo entrepreneurs, just like yourself, creating absolute fortunes online

What do I mean about “commodity” ?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I started a brick and mortar business in the mid to late nineties. It was more specifically a concrete construction company.  One thing that I experienced the information age do in my own business experience is literally create a commodity out of what I offered. For instance, when I started in that business, the phone book listed 6 concrete contractors who offered similar services.  Eight years later that same phone book listed over 50, get that, almost 10 times more.

This example shows how the information age helped people realize that anyone could start a business, and, YES, anyone can.  No longer did relationships, quality, and service command a premium in that industry. It was price, price, price.

Now, the information age has made more possibilities for more people, than any other idea of our time. My name is Joe Crawford I am CEO of Create Liberty Enterprises. Create Liberty is an Online Business.  Through my research, trial and error, and plain old persistence, I have learned how to create a solid income online.

One Way to Create Your Own Online Business.

I am currently working on a project to help career professional earn an extra 30k to 50k per year. If you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, coach, administrator, social worker, marketer,or entrepreneur and think it would be nice to earn an extra 30k to 50k per year, then let me know. You may be selected as a part of that project. Find the form at the bottom of this article and tell me about yourself.

Why and what brought this project to light?  A need. Pretty simple, no?

I have friends in all these fields who each own a condo or a house a nice car, most commute, have cable, a cell phone, Internet, and a social life that isn’t free. This is my nice way of saying people are broke! 95% of people in America are so broke they call the house they live in an Asset and their Job security.  Just look at all the possible expenses that there are today compared to 10-15 years ago!  And last time I checked, people are not making much more than they were ten years ago.

So that is a project and an example of how you can create your own online business.  Find a need and fill it. Think about your current career. Certainly you see gaps in customer service, effectiveness, and productivity all day long. Could you create an idea or process that would directly address a specific need in the marketplace? Probably.

The Logistics of how to create your own business online.

I also operate a turnkey home business. The business model takes care of the heavy lifting for me. I utilize systems that allow me to spend minimal time usually 2-3 hours four days a week. This gives me time to work on other projects, some of which, I’m really excited about.  I enjoy the home business its profitable and fun and is the easiest way for me to help someone else start their own online home business. Most of the logistical stuff is taken care of for me and I love that about the business. I play a leadership role, help people evaluate the business and support the ones who get stated with me.

Any comments or questions Are always appreciated.

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